Monday, September 30, 2013

Premiere Season Part 4 of ?

Oops! SVU was so good I forgot to mention #CriminalMinds. It's not all my fault, though. Criminal Minds just wasn't that great of a premiere. They kept an on going story line, but otherwise it was very episodic. Will 'Hotch' take the job of deputy director? I doubt it. On a side note, I love #JoeMantegna.

#MasterChefJr was exactly what you would expect. Children cooking, better than I cook. It was really cool, though, to see the judges be nice. I wonder who would win in a fight. Who do you pick between #ChefRamsey and #SimonCowell ?

What did I say about everything I want from a season premiere? #Hawaii5O threw that straight out of the window. Action, action, action is what we got instead. #5O gets and 'A' for action. #HenryIanCusick was, and is amazing. "I'll see you in another life, brother." #ChiMcBride is a #BMF, and he's the perfect addition the 5-O squad. If you don't know what a 'BMF' is, you need to watch #PulpFiction again.

#SNL - Who the hell are these people? Thank you to #TinaFey and #AaronPaul for being there. Otherwise, I wouldn't know anyone besides #KenanThompson and #JayPharoah. Coincidence that I only remember the back dudes? Hopefully.

#LastManStanding - "Stony's closed years ago.It turned into a Blockbuster... which is now out of business.  Now it's just an empty lot. Interestingly enough, they're thinking about putting in a milkshake store back in there." I love #NancyTravis from #SoIMarriedAnAxeMurderer and I also think all of the daughters are hot. I checked, they are all of legal age for me to find attractive.#KaitlynDever is my favorite.

#Glee #Beatles - I still hate myself for watching this show. I hate myself even more for knowing that #PeterFacinelli was Carlisle in #Twilight. #IoanGruffad was also very cool, but I look at him and all I see is #MrFantasticI wonder what Paul and Ringo think of a #Beatles Glee. John and George probably turned over in their graves.

#Dads - I really, really wanted to like this. I love #SethGreen and #GiovanniRibisi. But this is a almost a train-wreck of a show. Everything felt so contrived, and forced that you couldn't even laugh at a funny joke. #SethMacFarlane also stood at the borderline of being too offensive. I get it, everything you produce is supposed to be provocative and cutting edge. I can handle racism as a tool towards comedy. Lots of people can't. Be careful, for a few weeks until 'Dads' gets cancelled.

#ChicagoFire - It's very cool that #Firehouse51 is five blocks from my house. In an emergency, they are my #firstresponder. Once in a while, our street is closed off so they can tape. I Imagine it'll just get worse with #ChicagoPD on the horizon. I'm not sure how much I like this show, but I have to watch it, just in case I see a cast member on my street.

Lastly, I wrote it in my journal, so you all may as well read it. "Everything I watch is full of ridiculous people."

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