Friday, September 13, 2013

What to Watch- Mondays

Here's what you watched Monday nights on primetime television last year. #Castle #Bones #HIMYM #Mike&Molly #Revolution #2BrokeGirls. Here's what you should be watching; Castle and Bones. How I Met your Mother is on it's final season, and it should be. We finally got a visual of The Mother at the end of Season 8, and Neil Patrick Harris with Jason Segel can only take the comedy as far as the hotness of Alyson Hannigan. Time to meet the mother, move on, and make a crappy spin-off.

Revolution is good. The cast alone could keep this show alive, but only if more people start watching it. Giancarlo Esposito (recently killed in Breaking Bad), Billy Burke (the dad in Twilight), and Tracy Spiradakos (insanely hot) are all bloody brilliant. If you haven't seen it yet, and have a bunch of eps. Do it.

Mike & Molly is hilarious, but is on hiatus while CBS tries out new comedies. As soon as they realize the new stuff is crap, Mike & Molly will be back on in whatever timeslot works.

Castle and Bones are two of the best pseudo-cop on tv. If you haven't been watching, there's no good way to fill you in. You've been wasting your TV time. Try Netflix, I guess.

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  1. #Castle opened really strong last night, and I look forward to a huge season for them!