Saturday, September 28, 2013

Premiere Season SVU

There is no way to talk about Wednesday without starting at the top. The best premiere of the year, and a show that has been on tv for almost half of my life, Law and Order : SVU #SVU. Picking up right where season four left off, Olivia is captive of a psychopath. I can't blame my wife for not wanting this imagery in her thoughts. After being tortured, and escaping, Liv beats the hell out of him. Almost to death. She actually tells Fin, as she's leaving that she can't believe he's still alive. Fucker, I wish she killed him.Maniac mentioned during the torture that he thought she was thinking of an old friend or partner. Detective Stabler left the show a few seasons ago, but he would have saved Benson, chopped the psycho into a billion pieces, and scattered them all over the #HudsonRiver. Probably a good thing that he left the #NYPD and the show. The second half of the episode was pretty much just Olivia getting re-acclimated, and trying not to be too angry towards victim/perp interrogations. 15 years to choose from and... best episode ever!

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  1. Holy Shit no kidding! Best. Premiere. Ever. After 15 years this show still holds my attention every week and Mariska Hargitay couldn't be more of a BAMF. Ever read about the foundation she started after being on the show for a couple of years? It's called Joyful Heart Foundation and it is brilliant for women who have been sexually abused/assaulted.