Friday, September 27, 2013

Mariano Rivera

I was born a #Mets fan, and I will die a #WhiteSox fan. But on September 26, 2013 the greatest closer of all time entered the game, threw his last pitch, and exited the field at #YankeeStadium.

I could quote to you all of his amazing stats, but I don't need to. Your search engine works as well as anyone's, if that's what you want. I'll just give you my thoughts on #MarianoRivera.

If you pay attention to the #MLB, the #NFL, the #NBA, the #NHL or any other sports league you've been inundated with scandals of every crime against sports, or humanity you can imagine. #Mariano has never been mentioned, let alone implicated in ANYTHING. He's never even been mentioned, as far as I can remember, as speaking ill of a teammate or opponent. He's a class act. He's what we, as #baseball and sports fans, wish all of our favorite players represented. I hate the #Yankees, but I am sad to see another man like him leave sports. I look forward to the next generation of athletes to bring us back to respectability. My son, (as yet unborn and unnamed), will be one. I hope he's not the first.

#42 #Number42 will never be worn in Major League Baseball again. In 1997 MLB universally retired Jackie Robinson's #42 jersey, except for April 15th of every year, #JackieRobinsonDay. Mariano was wearing it at the time, and was allowed to wear it until his retirement. I guess that's what happens when you play for that long and never cheat, or lie, or do anything else reprehensible. I'm glad. I'm trying to think of another current player who would be worthy, or who wouldn't piss me off to be wearing it to the end. I can't really think of one.

Thank you, #MarianoRivera. I hope you inspire future ball players, and athletes everywhere.

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