Monday, September 30, 2013

Premiere Season Part 4 of ?

Oops! SVU was so good I forgot to mention #CriminalMinds. It's not all my fault, though. Criminal Minds just wasn't that great of a premiere. They kept an on going story line, but otherwise it was very episodic. Will 'Hotch' take the job of deputy director? I doubt it. On a side note, I love #JoeMantegna.

#MasterChefJr was exactly what you would expect. Children cooking, better than I cook. It was really cool, though, to see the judges be nice. I wonder who would win in a fight. Who do you pick between #ChefRamsey and #SimonCowell ?

What did I say about everything I want from a season premiere? #Hawaii5O threw that straight out of the window. Action, action, action is what we got instead. #5O gets and 'A' for action. #HenryIanCusick was, and is amazing. "I'll see you in another life, brother." #ChiMcBride is a #BMF, and he's the perfect addition the 5-O squad. If you don't know what a 'BMF' is, you need to watch #PulpFiction again.

#SNL - Who the hell are these people? Thank you to #TinaFey and #AaronPaul for being there. Otherwise, I wouldn't know anyone besides #KenanThompson and #JayPharoah. Coincidence that I only remember the back dudes? Hopefully.

#LastManStanding - "Stony's closed years ago.It turned into a Blockbuster... which is now out of business.  Now it's just an empty lot. Interestingly enough, they're thinking about putting in a milkshake store back in there." I love #NancyTravis from #SoIMarriedAnAxeMurderer and I also think all of the daughters are hot. I checked, they are all of legal age for me to find attractive.#KaitlynDever is my favorite.

#Glee #Beatles - I still hate myself for watching this show. I hate myself even more for knowing that #PeterFacinelli was Carlisle in #Twilight. #IoanGruffad was also very cool, but I look at him and all I see is #MrFantasticI wonder what Paul and Ringo think of a #Beatles Glee. John and George probably turned over in their graves.

#Dads - I really, really wanted to like this. I love #SethGreen and #GiovanniRibisi. But this is a almost a train-wreck of a show. Everything felt so contrived, and forced that you couldn't even laugh at a funny joke. #SethMacFarlane also stood at the borderline of being too offensive. I get it, everything you produce is supposed to be provocative and cutting edge. I can handle racism as a tool towards comedy. Lots of people can't. Be careful, for a few weeks until 'Dads' gets cancelled.

#ChicagoFire - It's very cool that #Firehouse51 is five blocks from my house. In an emergency, they are my #firstresponder. Once in a while, our street is closed off so they can tape. I Imagine it'll just get worse with #ChicagoPD on the horizon. I'm not sure how much I like this show, but I have to watch it, just in case I see a cast member on my street.

Lastly, I wrote it in my journal, so you all may as well read it. "Everything I watch is full of ridiculous people."

Premiere Season Part 3 of ?

Ok, fine.I like#ParksAndRecreation. I only watch it because my wife loves it, but I realize I love everyone on the show. Except for #AmyPoehler. Leslie Knope is just too damned annoying of a character.#NickOffreman Ron Swanson might be the funniest person on television. I also have huge crushes on #RashidaJones and #AubreyPlaza. Aubrey might be a crazy person, though. See the #MTVMovieAwards. Bitch ran up on stage and tried to take away an award from #WillFerrell. Rashida didn't do anything crazy.

#TheBigBangTheory - Funniest show on tv. Thank you, television gods, for making this my pre-primetime warm-up on syndication. Too much TV made me forget why Leonard was in the arctic. Thanks, Reed. Sheldon and Penny were so fun to watch together. Also, Leonard looks ridiculous with a beard.

Which was better? #TheCrazyOnes or #TheMichaelJFoxShow ? They are different kinds of comedy, and I don't think they should be compared. #RobinWilliams was Robin Williams but I still think he was funnier when he was on drugs. I'm not too sure Michael J. Fox was acting, or just re-enacting what he goes through every day. I think I'd rather watch him do something new, and completely different.  On a side note, think about this. #MatthewBroderick was almost Michael P. Keaton on #FamilyTies. #EricStoltz was almost Marty McFly in #BTTF. How different would the 80's have been?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Premiere Season SVU

There is no way to talk about Wednesday without starting at the top. The best premiere of the year, and a show that has been on tv for almost half of my life, Law and Order : SVU #SVU. Picking up right where season four left off, Olivia is captive of a psychopath. I can't blame my wife for not wanting this imagery in her thoughts. After being tortured, and escaping, Liv beats the hell out of him. Almost to death. She actually tells Fin, as she's leaving that she can't believe he's still alive. Fucker, I wish she killed him.Maniac mentioned during the torture that he thought she was thinking of an old friend or partner. Detective Stabler left the show a few seasons ago, but he would have saved Benson, chopped the psycho into a billion pieces, and scattered them all over the #HudsonRiver. Probably a good thing that he left the #NYPD and the show. The second half of the episode was pretty much just Olivia getting re-acclimated, and trying not to be too angry towards victim/perp interrogations. 15 years to choose from and... best episode ever!

Premiere Season Part 2 of ?

Tuesdays are the best TV night ever! Two of my favorite shows are on, and the show I was most looking forward to this premiere season. I'm not gonna start with any of those, though. I'll start with the show that was the biggest surprise for me of the season.

#Brooklyn99 - Although she barely ever stays up past 9:15 pm, my wife is a #SNL junkie. So it was a sad day at the Smith household when #AndySamberg left the show. Brooklyn99 is a weird genre of show. Andy Samberg plays a complete goof-ball, who is also probably the best detective at the precinct. It's a very weird dichotomy, but it works. It's nice to see #AndreBraugher again after #LastResort pooped out. I really like it. Which means, it'll probably get cancelled.

#AgentsOfShield - "I'm #JossWhedon. I make a lot of cool stuff and when I do, I call up all of my friends from other things I've done, and invite them to join me on my newest project." @StrategicHomelandInterventionEnforcementAndLogisticsDivison is just another example of what Joss does.#CobieSmulder is still hot, and made a very cool cameo at the beginning of the premiere ep. You know her as Robin Scherbatsky on #HIMYM and Agent Maria Hill from #TheAvengers. Let us not forget J. August Richards #JAugustRichards, whom I love, from #Angel, another Whedon project. It was a fantastic introduction to the premise and the characters. I cannot wait to find out the real story behind Agent Coulson's, #ClarkGregg, disappearance.What I really don't want to see, is ala #Smallville. The early seasons were just freak of the week kind of stuff, and I think that would end up to boring. Remember the TV series #BirdsOfPrey? That was god awful. Don't do that, Joss. Oh, and a quick shout out to #MingNaWen as the forced out of retirement super-spy. I loved you in #StargateUniverse.

#PersonOfInterest - My second favorite show proved it's worth. Everything I said I want in a premiere was there, and then some. It had great action, we caught up on the characters, and the story line continued. Detective Carter is no longer a detective, now she's just one of the boys in blue. Lame. No one really cares about Fusco. Finch and Reese are back in the grind. One of the coolest things about the third season is that two of the hottest women on television are now regulars. #AmyAcker (so hot, remember her from Angel?) spent the entire ep in prison, talking to to a counselor. The counselor was clearly not as intelligent as she was. 'Root' is going to be a bad guy for a long time. #SarahShahi, the other hottest chick on tv, was crazy awesome with the sniper rifle. I cannot wait for more #POI. My favorite character is missing, though. WHERE IS BEAR? Finch and Reese's dog that only responds to commands in Dutch is my fav.

#NCIS - America's number one drama never lets me down. Also, it's my favorite show, easily. After #Shield's premiere, you'll never catch me watching anything else at 7pm on Tuesday night. I'm not going to break down the plot for you. If you don't watch it, you're one of the only people left in this country. #ColinHanks is the biggest douche ever, but he does redeem himself, much to my surprise. (You were right, Hayley.) I miss #Ziva, and I don't know how the show will continue after this season without her. I promise you this, if something bad happens to Ziva, Tony, #Gibbs, and McGee will rain down hell's fire on whomever is the perpetrator.

#NCISLA - Intense. From the first minute, my eyes were locked on the screen, and my ass was glued to the couch. Deeks never waivered undercover, and I'm surprised Sam even had to ask him. Not surprisingly, neither of them would lie there in a hospital bed while their team was in trouble. This premiere was totally a Deeks episode, and it was incredibly emotional/dramatic when he finally (kind of) told Kensi how he felt. Also, regarding NCIS: LA #DanielaRuah is super hot, but I prefer Nell #ReneeFeliceSmith. If Kate ever left me, which she will not, I'd marry her and she wouldn't even have to change her name.

#ComingSoon - The most intense two hours of television I've ever seen.

Friday, September 27, 2013

2012s Five Best New Shows

I won't lie. I planned to start this blog last year, at about the same time of year. I even took notes on what I thought would were the best brand new shows of the year. This is funny, and in no particular order.

Last Resort - I thought the characters and their development were great. I thought the political intrigue was great. I thought the action was sufficient. #AutumnReeser from #TheOC is super hot.  Then it got cancelled. At least #AndreBraugher got another shot at a primetime show with #Brooklyn99.

#Arrow - I'm a total #fanboy, so anyone who knows me knew I'd love this one. If I were a chick or gay, #StephenAmell would totally do it for me. Since I'm neither, #WillaHolland will absolutely have to do. Coincidentally, another OC cast member. We'll talk more about this one after the premiere.

Go On - It was nice to see #MatthewPerry again, even if he did pretty much play the role of Chandler, again. It was funny, and I thought it could last. But really, no one wanted to watch him play the same role without the rest of the cast of #Friends.

#Revolution - Grabbed me from the start, bored me after a few episodes, grabbed me again, and then lost me by the finale. I really liked the idea, and the cast I just was never sure what the hell was going on, or what was coming next. I still don't. But the S2 premiere was awesome, and I'll keep trying to keep up.

Guys with Kids - Cancelled. And what a shame that is. Could I have been partial because I'm married, waiting for a baby, with married friends, some of whom have babies? Sure. But this could have been a great ensemble cast, for a great comedy. #Friends with families? I don't think it could go that far, but our #30Something generation could have gotten down with it.

So, in conclusion, I was 3 out of 5 shows I thought were great last year, got cancelled. I hope I do better this year.

Mariano Rivera

I was born a #Mets fan, and I will die a #WhiteSox fan. But on September 26, 2013 the greatest closer of all time entered the game, threw his last pitch, and exited the field at #YankeeStadium.

I could quote to you all of his amazing stats, but I don't need to. Your search engine works as well as anyone's, if that's what you want. I'll just give you my thoughts on #MarianoRivera.

If you pay attention to the #MLB, the #NFL, the #NBA, the #NHL or any other sports league you've been inundated with scandals of every crime against sports, or humanity you can imagine. #Mariano has never been mentioned, let alone implicated in ANYTHING. He's never even been mentioned, as far as I can remember, as speaking ill of a teammate or opponent. He's a class act. He's what we, as #baseball and sports fans, wish all of our favorite players represented. I hate the #Yankees, but I am sad to see another man like him leave sports. I look forward to the next generation of athletes to bring us back to respectability. My son, (as yet unborn and unnamed), will be one. I hope he's not the first.

#42 #Number42 will never be worn in Major League Baseball again. In 1997 MLB universally retired Jackie Robinson's #42 jersey, except for April 15th of every year, #JackieRobinsonDay. Mariano was wearing it at the time, and was allowed to wear it until his retirement. I guess that's what happens when you play for that long and never cheat, or lie, or do anything else reprehensible. I'm glad. I'm trying to think of another current player who would be worthy, or who wouldn't piss me off to be wearing it to the end. I can't really think of one.

Thank you, #MarianoRivera. I hope you inspire future ball players, and athletes everywhere.

Premiere Season Review - Part 1 of ?

How much television is too much television? Here's a few clues I got this week, the first week of the premiere season for 2013.

1. My wife goes to bed usually around 9:15 every night. That's usually when I watch a show that she doesn't like to watch with me (usually a scary, violent, cop show). Twice this week instead of watching a show I was really looking forward to, I watched a rerun of #StarTrek, or #Firefly, or #TheLeague, or whatever I could find that was brainless for me on #Netflix. My brain just couldn't  process any new information.
2. Getting ready to blog, I had to look back at old blogs to remember what I watched this week.
3. I couldn't remember why Leonard was at sea on #TheBigBangTheory. Thanks, Hayley.
4. Ideas that occur to me every year, struck me as 'Brand-New-Ideas-That-Have-Never-Been-Thought-Of-Before'. If you were walking down Michigan Ave., and five SUVs came screeching up, with FBI agents in flak jackets waving around assault rifles, wouldn't you lay on the ground, or hide, or run? Extras on TV never do. Thank you #Brooklyn99 for mocking that.

Needless to say, there's a lot of TV to watch this week, and for the next month or so. I'll mention what I can, and try to keep it as brief as possible.  Your (and my) brain doesn't need to melt from over-stimulation. If you don't like #spoilers you're on the wrong page.

#CASTLE - Very cool, and exciting start to the new season. Refresh us on the relationships of the main characters, check. Give us some good action sequences, check. Continue, or begin a new, ongoing storyline, check. Leave me wanting more, check. That's what I want from a season premiere (and I'll revisit that sentiment for a few other shows). What comes next? Castle is rich and can go wherever he wants, but I think Beckett comes back to NY. Maybe FBI liaison to the NYPD, maybe she heads a Special Task Force, so she can get Esposito and Ryan back in the mix. I guess we'll just have to see...

#HowIMetYourMother #HIMYM - I love this show. I really don't know what to say about this. Just about everything was perfect to start to final season of this show. Barney and Robin's incest scare was hilarious, as was #Mosby acting crazy, and Lilly acting even crazier. How many drinks did she consume in the episode? I stopped counting at five. By the way, I love the mother, but for some reason she is not what I expected. I can't explain it.

#MOMS - Not good. I love Allison Janney, but this was barely funnier than #TwoAndAHalfMen , which has not been funny since #CharlieSheen left the show. I won't be watching it again, and you shouldn't either.

#TheBlacklist - The second most intense episode of premiere week I've seen. Seriously, I was hooked during the first two minutes. So nice to see James Spader back on TV and not playing a cartoon character as he did in #TheOffice . It's semi-dark, semi-violent, very dramatic, and super-complicated, which tells me the ongoing story line is going to be amazing. Tune in, if you haven't already.

A few other Monday shows that I didn't mention #Bones . Bones is one of my favorite shows and I'm sure I'll be talking about it quite a bit for the rest of the year. Since the premiere was last week, and this week's was good, but not mind-blowing, I'll wait on it. But can they please get rid of Daisy? I hate her, and Sweets could do better. #2BrokeGirls is what it is. I only watch it because my wife likes it, and I'm supposed to think the two broke girls are hot. #BethBehrs is hot, #KatDennings doesn't do it for me. But she was cool in #Thor.

That is quite enough for now. Tune in for 'Part 2 of ?' maybe tonight. Tuesday's are my favorite night and will require much typing. Before that I'd like to watch more fluff, and maybe smoke a joint. Just kidding, "I don't do drugs. Just weed." #HalfBaked (that's a movie quote, I really don't).

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fringe - The Series Finale

Dear Friends,

      I apologize for taking this long to finish such an amazing show. I didn't mean to do so. After you read what I have to say about it I think you will understand.

Siincerely, #JJSmith

So here's what happened. Last year I was totally invested in #Fringe, but it wasn't my number one show. I missed a couple of episodes, and found myself completely confused and trying to figure out how they all ended up in the future. I watched one more episode. It still made no sense. I decided the best course of action would be to just wait until all of Season Five was added to #Netflix. Then, I could start from the beginning and watch all of S5 straight through. So that's what I did.

I barely know where to start talking about it. If I didn't already love everything he did, I'd punch #JJAbrams in the face. I teared up when Henrietta died. Why would you make us so attached to a brand new character, during the final season, and then kill her off? You're an asshole JJ.

At this point, I checked to see how many episodes there were in the fifth season. 13 is annoying.

Walter is fated to die. Walter tells September he is fated to die. September says ok. Walter tells Peter he is fated to die, so that he can make amends for his past wrongs. This is where you tear up, as Walter and Peter hug and Peter calls him 'Dad'. September tells Walter, that he's taking Earth's Salvation to the future because it's his responsibility as a father to see that his son fulfills his destiny. Shots fired, everyone runs around crazy. September gets shot. Walter grabs the boy and runs into the future, to save humankind.

Peter, Olivia and toddler Henrietta play in the park in a rewritten history where Walter has disappeared into the future. Peter gets a letter from 'Dad' Walter.

I got a migraine just trying to write that. You only got a synopsis from reading that, but I promise it was mind-blowing. I'm gonna miss this show, and I wonder if I'll think of #JoshuaJackson from #DawsonsCreek, #Fringe, or #TheMightyDucks. My wife still calls him #Pacey. I guess it could be worse.

Burn Notice - Series Finale **Spoilers Sweetie**

Burn Notice is over.
I was super worried about how this was gonna go. Matt Nix acknowledged that at least one main character would die by the end of the show, but he also said that it would not be "Gratuitous killing of main characters, just for [shock value]." I totally thought it would be Jesse that would sacrifice himself to save Charlie and Maddie, regardless of Maddie had to say about it. Be she was totally spot on when she told Jesse that she wouldn't be able to shoot her way out to save Charlie. And she 1000% got her vindication for Nate's death, and Michael's burn notice when she calmly say down on her chair, lit a cigarette, and said, "This is for my sons," and blew the bad guys to holy hell. I teared up, and cheered at the same time.
   The next coolest things about the finale were the way they roped the series-long introduction lines into the finale. Sam Axe's "You know spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls," will forever be a quote I drop whenever I watch a show or movie about spies. I can even randomly text the line to friends who watch the show, and they immediately know what I mean. Hay.
   And, finally, another tear up moment at the very end of the finale. Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne are hidden out in a cabin, presumed dead. Michael turns to Fi, both of them huddled next to a fire, and asks, "What do I tell Charlie, when he asks me one day about his family?" With no hesitation at all, Fi looks at him and says, "Tell him the truth."

"My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy."

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Doctor - Saturday

Who can tell me the longest running science fiction show of all time? Even #StarTrek is a few years behind #DoctorWho. For the first time ever, the #BBC is airing #TheDoctor at the same time, all over the planet, and I can't wait. #MattSmith #DavidTennant #BilliePiper #JennaColeman all get to interact in the 50th Anniversary Special. See you then, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friday - Where Good Shows Go To Die

I'm really gonna miss these shows after they get cancelled for low ratings. Who the hell watches TV on a Friday night?  #LastManStanding is pretty funny, and it's nice to see #TimAllen working again, but I'm positive they can't make it work on a Friday night. The girls are pretty cute, too. I checked, they are old enough to be found attractive.

Hawaii 5-O is fantastic. I have no idea why #CBS would move them from Monday to Friday. #ChiMcBride is a #BMF and I can't wait to see him join an already bad-ass cast. It's too bad #GoldenBoy got cancelled. I hope we get to hear him say "Book 'em Danno'!

What to Watch on Thursday

Happy Thursday, (insert cute name for people that read my blog here)!

Thursdays are a crazy night for TV. Even if you don't watch much TV, you probably watch a show that is on Thursdays. My guiltiest pleasure, #Glee is on the same night as one of the smartest shows on television, #Elementary. #Scandal and #KerryWashington are brilliant, but it's a really difficult show to explain what you've missed. If you know me at all, you probably understand why of all the TV shows I watch, and all the characters I could identify with, I most identify with #SheldonCooper on #TheBigBangTheory. #JimParsons completes me.

I never used to like game shows. I watch #SteveHarvey on #FamilyFued just about every day before (and sometimes instead of) the news. But the best game show on television is #HollywoodGameNight hosted by Glee's #JaneLynch. Six celebrities team up with a couple of 'civilians' for a mostly pop culture quiz show. It's extra cool because many nights the celebrities are all from the same show or genre. #SNL night was awesome.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What to Watch on Wednesday

Wednesdays are weird for me. I'm married to an amazing woman who doesn't like to watch too much television, especially about murder/rape/children.  But two of my favorite shows are #CriminalMinds and #SVU. I think both of them need to wrap it up. SVU hasn't been the same since Detective Stabler left several years ago, and Criminal Minds needs to find a way to create an ongoing story line that someone might give a rat's ass about. It may be too late for that.

On the bright side, I live in Pilsen, and I have the privilege of being right in front of taping of #ChicagoFire and the spinoff, #ChicagoPD, whenever I want. If my pregnant wife stays up to watch it, that's what I watch. Otherwise, I go into superhero mode.

#Arrow is awesome, and I can't wait to see the characters develop. Spoiler Alert: Laurel's last name is Lance. The #BlackCanaray was Dinah Lance. That's a DC heroine. Just try and forget about the awful display that was #BirdsOfPrey. I threw up in my mouth a little bit, thinking about how awful it was.  #Speedy is also comic sidekick that I think will be making an appearance, probably during season 3.Initially, we fanboys thought it might be #TheaQueen. After the first season it's pretty clear that #RoyHarper, Thea's delinquent boyfriend, will be Speedy.

Oh, yea. #TheLeague is amazing. I wish each episode were longer than 22 minutes. My friends and I are all idiots about fantasy sports. It's really easy to associate my friends with characters from this show.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What to Watch - Tuesday

Here you go, my friends. #TuesdayNightTelevision Put your remote on the coffee table and don't touch it for three hours. Last year the five most watched television shows were #NCIS, #SundayNightFootball, #TheBigBangTheory, #NCIS:LosAngeles, and #PersonOfInterest, in that order. The three top dramas on television are all on Tuesday nights, and if you haven't seen them yet, you're like my wife growing up, and didn't own a tv.

This is Ziva's final season on #NCIS and I expect a major ass kicking from Tony and Gibbs, and a technological tornado from McGee and Abbie. In NCIS:LA expect more ass-wooping from Sam and G, and a surprise from Hetty.

In Person of Interest I can't wait for more Sarah Shahi (so hot). Carter and Fusco will have to figure out their roles. Reese and Finch will have to work out a better strategy against 'Root' (Amy Acker). And my favorite character of all 'Bear' (the dog) can just keep doing what he does.

Tuesday nights also brings us #AgentsOfS.H.I.E.L.D which I can't wait for. How is Agent Coulson still alive? Joss Whedon promises it'll be true to the existing story lines. Can we look for Cobie Smulders too? Most importantly, HOW CAN AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D exist without cameos from #IronMan #Hulk #CaptainAmerica and #NickFury?

What to Watch- Mondays

Here's what you watched Monday nights on primetime television last year. #Castle #Bones #HIMYM #Mike&Molly #Revolution #2BrokeGirls. Here's what you should be watching; Castle and Bones. How I Met your Mother is on it's final season, and it should be. We finally got a visual of The Mother at the end of Season 8, and Neil Patrick Harris with Jason Segel can only take the comedy as far as the hotness of Alyson Hannigan. Time to meet the mother, move on, and make a crappy spin-off.

Revolution is good. The cast alone could keep this show alive, but only if more people start watching it. Giancarlo Esposito (recently killed in Breaking Bad), Billy Burke (the dad in Twilight), and Tracy Spiradakos (insanely hot) are all bloody brilliant. If you haven't seen it yet, and have a bunch of eps. Do it.

Mike & Molly is hilarious, but is on hiatus while CBS tries out new comedies. As soon as they realize the new stuff is crap, Mike & Molly will be back on in whatever timeslot works.

Castle and Bones are two of the best pseudo-cop on tv. If you haven't been watching, there's no good way to fill you in. You've been wasting your TV time. Try Netflix, I guess.

What to Watch 2013- Returning Favorites

#PremiereWeek is almost here! I've got to admit I'm most excited about the group of shows where I already know the characters, the story lines, and I can guess what's going to happen next. So here I go, I'll break it down by night.

- #BreakingBad
- #GameOfThrones
- #OnceUponATime

Breaking Bad is on it's final season, and I can't say I'm as interested as at the start. It's already been on for a few episodes, but I think it's been a bit repetitive and predictable. Shoot me an email when Walt and Mike die, Jesse gets off scott-free, and mostly nobody cares. #Once is getting convoluted too. My wife and I have seen every episode and we still have to ask each other what the hell is going on, every single episode. #GameOfThrones is the most exciting because I haven't read the books and I really have no idea what is going to happen next. I'm looking forward to Arya's revenge, Daenerys' ascension, and Joffrey's death by absolutely anyone's hand.


Welcome to my inaugural blog post. Here I will be sharing all of my thoughts on entertainment, sports, politics, and every other inane thing that crosses my mind. Feel free to share with me your thoughts, or objections, about everything television, film, sports, or politics. I can't wait for new conversations that we may have. Salud!