Monday, October 19, 2015

Premeire Week Part IV

This is my last post about 'Premiere Week', I promise. (Probably, Maybe.)

Every year during premiere season, I turn into a blindly optimistic, wildly inaccurate, Cubs fan type of #TVJunkie.

"Oooh, I like this show! Everyone will, you just wait."

Without fail, shows I hate run for only a few seasons or less, and the shows I really like, get cancelled immediately, or right before they have a chance to write a finale episode. I won't make a list of those ,since it goes back to the mid-to-late 90s. Instead, here comes what I've cancelled from my list, what's on the verge of getting dumped, and the shows I haven't rated yet.

Shows I haven't rated yet, are such, because either they haven't started yet, or I haven't yet watched any/enough of the current season.

(AMF is an acronym from my military shows and movies that means 'Adios Mother-Fucker'. I'm done with this these shows.)

The Muppets - I'm a #StayAtHomeDad of a toddler and a 7 month old puppy. When primetime hits, I've had enough of puppets, curious monkeys, and (#ForCryinOutLoud) Elmo. Give me some sex, violence, and rock'n'roll. Plus, I didn't enjoy the pilot episode.

Scream Queens - I've already seen pop-horror-ironic culture. I could barely tolerate it the first time around. I don't need it again, this time with commercials.

Chicago Med - In fairness to Dick Wolf, I didn't even watch the whole pilot. I just wasn't interested. I HATE medical dramas. I didn't even enjoy #ER. My sis did, so I watched some, but no thanks. I'll give it another try if they can manage to drown it in episodes of Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD.

Shark Tank - I actually like #SharkTank. But I like a ton of shows more. I'll continue to watch it, but only inasmuch there's nothing better to watch on primetime, or read in a book.

Questionable Starters
(That's sports talk for "Possibly Could Be a Good But Maybe Not")

Minority Report - It was a brilliant short story by Philip K. Dick. Read it, immediately. I took the movie with a grain of salt, as should you. After all, Tom Cruise was in it. The TV adaptations are getting fewer grains of salt by the minute, but it's worth waiting to form an opinion. You'd know that if you were a precog.

The Last Man on Earth - The premise is interesting and funny. The characters are quirky, and past ridiculous. It can be annoyingly stupid at times, but it's only a half hour show. That alone may mean I keep watching it.

Grandfathered - It's starring John Stamos, but all I see is Uncle Jesse from Full House. I always enjoy it when it's on, I just forget that it's on.

How to Get Away With Murder - It's a tantalizing show. I enjoy it. A show about murdering lawyers is right up my alley. But not when all of the characters are the least likable characters on all of television.

Sports isn't on my viewing list. That doesn't mean I don't watch. It means that anytime the White Sox, The Bulls, The BlackHawks, University of Michigan football, or just about any playoff baseball (even the Cubs) is on, I'm likely switching back and forth between sports, and one of my shows.

Not Yet
This list is comprised of shows that haven't yet begun, or by my #TVJunkie shame haven't watched yet. Sorry, #Oncers and #TeamTardis.

Elementary - Hasn't started yet, but I can't wait for me some Sherlock and Watson.
Person of Interest - I feel like I haven't seen Mr. Reese and Finch in forever.
Once Upon a Time - I haven't watched one minute of the current season, and I'm sorry.
Doctor Who - I've watched the season premiere, and half of the second episode. Don't tell my wife, I at some point bought the third episode on Amazon Instant.
X-Files - The first episode of the new series is tonight, after Gotham. Maybe I'll live tweet it.
Supergirl - With great power comes great responsibility, and the ability to screw up a newly re-vamped #DC. By the way, since 'DC' stands for 'Detective Comics', referring to it as 'DC Comics' is redundant, and stupid.

Como siempre, gracias para leer, y que te vaya bien.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Premiere Week Part III

Week three of the premiere season is an interesting time for a #TVJunkie. Most shows have proven whether or not they are worth viewership, some are just about to start, and some won't start until the January 2016. I keep a comprehensive TV schedule on our fridge. Here's a breakdown, from night to night. Keep in mind, I only have basic cable. I watch everything on Netflix, Hulu, Comcast On Demand, or live.

Brooklyn 99 - So far, so good. As funny as the last season.
The Good Wife - Last night was the premiere. Not enough data to judge it yet, but I liked it.
The Last Man On Earth - Silly and ridiculous, but worth 22 minutes if you have the minutes to spare.
Once Upon a Time - Ashamed to say, as a #Oncer, I haven't watched any of it yet.
Quantico - Really good new show. I'll stick with this one for a bit.

Gotham - Yes. Yes. Yes.
Castle - Good, but not overwhelmingly good. Yet. We'll see in 45 minutes.
NCIS:LA - Awesome. It's becoming one of my favorite shows. That says a lot, considering the volume of TV I watch.
The Big Bang Theory - Not yet back, but I'm thirsty for more of the last season. Except for Penny's hair.
Minority Report - Premise and plot are great. The dialogue makes me want to throw up in my own mouth.
Blindspot - I wasn't interested, but really good. I have a crush on Jaimie Alexander. She's an Avenger.

NCIS - Still my favorite, currently running show. Still awesome.
Marvel's Agents of Shield - Meh. Watchable, but so for, not all that engaging.
The Flash - Hasn't started yet. I think tomorrow.
NCIS: New Orleans - Mediocre. But I can't, not watch. Scott Bakula is NCIS + Quantum Leap + Star Trek.
Grandfathered - It's ok. It stars Uncle Jesse from Full House.
The Muppets - Total crap. I even had a dream that Muppets appeared to ruin other shows.
Scream Queens - No. No. No. Comcast tells me people like this show. It makes my brain melt.
Supergirl - Due October 26th.
Limitless - Best show on TV. Even better than my precious NCIS. Seriously.

Black-ish - I'm always worried, white people won't 'get' this show. But, somehow, they do. It's hilarious.
Arrow - Premiere is Wednesday. Can't wait.
Rosewood - One of the best of the new shows, I doubt anyone will watch. I bet cancelled by November.
Empire - Empire's upcoming episodes look better than the premiere. Premiere was pretty good, though.
SVU - Always great, but no greater than previous episodes or seasons.

Chicago PD - Brilliant premiere! Can't wait for the follow up, and the premiere of Chicago Fire.
Criminal Minds - Good episode, but not anything unseen before.

Scandal - Not all that impressive, but it did leave me wanting more.
Bones - Wiskey Tango Foxtrot. I need another episode, like, yesterday.
Heroes Reborn - Meh. Not bad, not good. Just, meh. At least Hiro is in thenext episode.
How to Get Away With Murder - There isn't a single likeable character on the show. I like it, but they're starting to get annoying.
The Blacklist - If you don't yet watch it, you've fucked up. Watch, immediately.

Last Man Standing - I watch a lot of TV. Mostly cop shows, but LMS is at the top of my comedies.
Hawaii 5-O - Jorge Garcia got a sort of badge, so I'm happy.
Blue Bloods - Great ep! I'd like an all-Reagan administration. More tv, please.

Doctor Who - I'm a terrible Whovian for having only seen the first episode. But I enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading this. I find myself so obnoxious, that I can't even proofread my posts, or comprehend why even a friend would read it. But, hopefully, I'll post again soon.

Gracias para toda, que te vaya bien, y hasta luego.