Friday, February 28, 2014

SVU Meets ChicagoPD plus Heroes: Reborn

Thank you, for still reading my blog, those of you that still do. My last post was very bitchy, and approval/attention seeking. You get my gratitude but not an apology. Because as #Gibbs speaking for #JohnWayne would say, "Never apologize, it's a sign of weakness."

For those of you that didn't get the news, #Heroes is coming back to #NBC in 2015. I was especially blown away because the news came to me via my wife at about six in the morning on a weekday. We watched the show together, and loved it, but she will be the first to tell you that I liked it better than she. Typically, I would be the one to wake her up at one o'clock in the morning with this news. 

Understandably, (at least for me), I was agitated about being uninformed and needed to go online to check the news myself. And then rant and rave like a lunatic. And then start 'Heroes' from the beginning on #Netflix. And the rant, rave, and speculate about what a new series would be about. I was super pissed about the writer's strike interrupting my viewing pleasure. I was even more pissed, when I thought we would never get any more 'Heroes' again. But not as pissed as #Sheldon.

I immediately started #bingewatching 'Heroes' so that my opinions about a new show would be informed, and intelligent. As of the first of March, I'm at the beginning of season two, pretending I don't know what happens in the next two season. Check me out on #twitter to maybe catch my random thoughts on random mid-series episodes @JasonJoelSmith.

Everyone is wondering who will be back for the new series. A lot of the actors have way better things to do than rejoin the cast of a show that already failed twice. #ZacharayQuinto is #Spock in the current #StarTrek franchise. #HaydenPanettiere is doing pretty well on #ABC with #Nashville (snooze). #MasiOka is a genius/nerd/smartass on #HawaiiFiveO. There's no reason to look for any of them to risk their careers on what may easily be a failure. 

Here's who I predict you will see in the next mini-series. #JackColeman #HRG will be there, possibly in a flashback. #Masi #Hiro and #GeorgeTakei will make cameos, because they're both so cool and love us #fanboys. Hiro can also time travel, so maybe we get to see future Hiro again with that silly #FlavorSaver. Really, anyone can make a cameo and probably will. They all owe #TimKring their careers, and should do whatever he asks of them. Seriously, what if it's set it 2040? Peter, Sylar, and Claire can't die. Hiro can time travel. I'd love to seem them old, and the new managers of #TheCompany. But not, #Mohinder. He was kind of a moron.

#SVU #ChicagoPD - I have been looking forward to these shows crossing over since #DickWolf promised me they would so, before the premiere of #ChicagoPD. They cross-over this week,  Wednesday February 27th, but it was not the "2-hour event" it was advertised to be. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was completely just an average episode of SVU. Semi-serial rapist, celebrity antagonist #JonathanSilverman, difficult court case for the district attorney or assistant district attorney. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've seen that plot line 200 times. I've watched almost all of the L&O series and episodes, and that's the standard format for any ep that doesn't need to advance the plot. The only thing that made it unique for me was the I know how cool Jonathan Silverman has been in other things. (Strangely, I think of #TheSingleGuy, a tv series from the mid-nineties. You'll definitely have to look that one up.)

But in the last 45 seconds #SophiaBush showed up at 1 Police Plaza (1PP), the headquarters of the #NYPD. She was on assignment from Chicago to follow up on a serial killer/rapist the SVU had tracked months before. To aid in the investigation, #SGTBenson sent detectives Rollins and Tutuola #Fin, to Chicago.

That's it. That's all we got for a the SVU side of the crossover. 

#ChicagoPD side of the crossover was way cooler. 

From the first moment SVU detectives walked into a Chicago Police Department, it was perfect. They call #SgtPlatt #AmyMorton "Office".  Oops. "That's what they call the desk here, right?" #Platt just points at her bars and says, "Oh you're from New York? Why didn't you say so. Go sit over there." They call her Sergeant, because she's got the bars, and outranks you. She's a bitch, but she's right. #Fin comments about how nice #NewYorkers seem to be except for the battleaxe up front, but from there on it's just good cop tv.

SVU cops Rollins and Tutuola are now specialist sex crime #profilers. They advise #CPD what to look for. CPD goes totally off protocol to kick ass and take names. Sergeant Voight does whatever he needs to do to "glean" information for a suspect in custody. "What's the cage," asks Detective Tutuola. No response given, and none necessary, I would guess. (Fin worked vice undercover, and now works sex crimes NYPD. He'd know how to kick a perps ass). And the rookie, Officer Kim Burgess #MarinaSquerciati, broke from desk duty to break the case. By the way, she's the hottest one on this new show. If I run into her shooting film in my neighborhood, I'm gonna invite her for a burger. (Crap, it's on the world wide web now. I hope I have money if that happens.)

My favorite part was the last scene of everyone at Molly's, the bar owned by the #ChicagoFire crew. Cheers to the #CPD and #CFD! Why every member of the CPD isn't welcome at Molly's is a long story. One I hope, they'll get into during seasons 2 and 3. 

In the meantime, thanks for reading. 


Friday, February 21, 2014

I don't care about your blog

I don't care about your blog. If you feel the need to write down every inane thought that passes through your head, (albeit very attractive head) go write ahead. Scribble your thoughts about television, politics, sports and whatever in your little journals. Post them online, if you want. But I don't need a text, email, #tweet, or #facebook notification everytime you do. You're seriously just not that interesting. Oh, and no one cares if you named your kid #Jedi.

I don't want to play #CandyCrush, or slots, or #Farmville, or poker, or #FamilyFeud, or whatever the new game it is you want me to play. I will never play. I'll just politely ignore the invite, until eventually you've invited me to play so many times that I block the entire program. By which point you've already stopped playing and will soon be inviting me to play some other idiotic game. When that happens, again, I'm just going to block you.

I don't care about your new #kickstarter company. I'm not giving you my money for your crappy jewelry, or your new invention, or your online store. My #Google isn't broken, it works just fine. If I need something, or want to donate to a cause, I know how to do it. Unless it's a fund to deport #JustinBieber. I can throw in a few bucks for that.

Speaking of causes, I don't care about yours. I don't want to walk for anything. I don't want to occupy anything. I don't want a portion of the proceeds to go anywhere. And I definitely don't want to give you a dollar for every mile you run, or push-up you can do. I get it. You're a hippie. I'm not. Let's get past this. Unless I end up with #GirlScoutCookies. I care about Girl Scout Cookies.

I don't care about your band. I'm 32 years old. I don't want to sign up for you newsletter. I don't want any of your 'merch'. I'm not signing a poll or petition to get you on some radio station. And unless you've got free beer, I'm not coming to your show. Again, I'm 32. I don't do that for artists I REALLY REALLY like, so why would I do it for you?

I don't care about your damn kid. I don't care if your kid has a football game, or dance recital, or if he/she tried to ride the dog like a very little pony. So you can imagine how I feel about the 119 pictures you just posted on Facebook. I've got my own kid. His middle name is Jedi, and he's way better looking than your little messes. And I don't care if you don't care that his middle name is Jedi.

I read the #HuffingtonPost online all the time. Sometimes I find the articles entertaining or educational. But I don't care about what you read. Unless you know me very well, stop bothering me with videos of people dancing on subways, or planking in #TimeSquare. If you really think it'd interest me, email it to me. But just know that if the subject line has 'fwd' in it, I'll delete it without opening, promptly empty my trash bin, and then not know what you're talking about when we next talk.

I REALLY do not care what you promote for a living. I'm not buying real estate from you. I'm not going to the bar where you work for the Tuesday afternoon "3 Dollar Boilermaker Special!!!". I'm not going to become a regular at such-and-such restaurant because you're their Event Planner/Promotions manager. I'm not going to a nightclub Friday night because you're the beer tub girl. I'm just not going to do it.

I'm not going to become a Tennessee Lady's Volunteers basketball fan. I'm sure the fan base is great, and the atmosphere is phenomenal. I'm sure they're very nice people. I just don't care about Tennessee, or Lady basketball. (They can't even dunk.)

Wow, that felt good. It was a long week, and in case you can't tell, I'm a little crabby. Sometimes I don't realize I'm crabby until the moment I stop feeling crabby. Also, making others share in my crabbiness takes the edge off of my own. If you managed to read all the way to the end of this rant, thank you. Thanks for caring enough to read about what I don't care about even though you really don't care yourself. See you next time.

Holy crap, I just realized I just wasted my 50th blog post. Eh, I don't care.

"I don't hate anyone. I'm not a hate monger. More of a, hate stylist." --Tom Hanks in Punchline
"Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?" --Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lost - The End

Almost 4 years have passed since the #Lost finale, and I still find it to be one of the most aggravating series of all time. How do you write about a show that was so convoluted? I just watched it again, for the fifth time, and I still have unanswered questions.

My wife and I watched it live, at her cousin's place. We never agreed on the point of the show. At the end I thought it was all about Jack. They say that when you are on the brink of death your whole life flashes before you eyes. In the case of Oceanic Flight 815, I thought, instead of Jack's life flashing before his eyes, his subconscious integrated all of the other passengers into a dream he made up to deal with his death.

Kate thought it was purgatory. Everyone on the flight died, and needed to wait for each other to go to the afterlife together. That made no damned sense to me on the first viewing. But now, I have to concede. Kate was right, and I was stupid.

That being said, I'm very disappointed.#JJAbrams promised that everything would be explained, and there would be no loose ends.

How the hell did Frank Lapidus manage to takeoff without a runway, in the middle of a jungle?

Why did the #DharmaInitiative bring polar bears to the island?

If this was everyone's purgatory, why did everyone have to wait for Jack? Couldn't they cross over on their own?

If all dogs go to heaven, why did Vincent have to put up with everyone's bullshit?

Christian Shephard was already dead when Oceanic flight 815 left the ground. Why would he be in purgatory with everyone else?

What happened to some of the other plane crash survivors (back end of the plane)? Ana Lucia doesn't go to purgatory? She doesn't get a shot at heaven?

Why does Jack hug Locke, 20 minutes after they fought to the death?

And lastly, where did they all go in the end? I'm not God, but if I were, they'd all go straight to hell.

What a crazy, annoying, amazing show. I've spent enough time trying to make sense of it. I can confidently say, I'm not going to watch any part of it ever again.

Finally, I'd just like to say that it was really entertaining to rewatch this finale, considering all of the different shows the actors are currently starring in. Instead of Sayid, I think of #NaveenAndrews as Jafar, and #EmilieDeRavin as Belle #Once. #TerryOquinn, and #DanielDaeKim are staples on #H5O. #JorgeGarcia splits time on #Once and #H5O. Even my wife commented while I was rewatching the finale. [I like #MichaelEmerson a lot more as #Finch #PersonofInterest than as #BenLinus]

Fun times. If you ever what some background #tv while you're cleaning the house, or making dinner, watch the finale again. It's way more fun coming around again. Let me know what you think. Until then,

"I'll see you in another life, brother." -- #DesmondHume #HenryIanCusick

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ashmores, Sam Jacksons, and Eleventy-First Birthdays

One of the most hilarious #SamuelLJackson moments ever went viral on a Monday, from a morning interview by #SamRubin, the entertainment reporter for KTLA, Los Angeles' channel five. After asking Jackson about the new #Robocop remake, and the newest #CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier trailer, Rubin proceeded to put his foot in his mouth by asking Jackson about reaction from the Superbowl commercial, that um, Jackson was not in. That was, um #LaurenceFishburne...

Jackson spent the rest of the interview intermittently verbally #bitchslapping Rubin, who was visibly embarrassed. [I'm not Laurence Fishburne! We may be Black and famous, but we don't all look alike.] Check out a cross-section of the interview here . On the one hand, I can totally understand why Jackson is/was pissed off about it. Fishburne and Jackson are two of the most iconic black actors working in Hollywood, and their roles are so famously unique, a ten year old wouldn't confuse them. See if you can pick them out.

See? Not difficult. If you need further proof, check out their filmographies. Vast, unique, and both utterly amazing.

Now, on the other hand, I feel really bad for Sam Rubin. I don't know him personally, but I doubt he's a racist. Sometimes, regardless of intent, knowledge, or training, the human brain makes a connection and is unable to slow down before impulses are sent, and embarrassing nonsense comes streaming out of the mouth. I've done it, I bet a lot of us have done it. It doesn't excuse Rubin for the mistake. After all, he's an ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER/ANCHOR for a major market news source. I'd hope that he was more prepared with his questions for a super-celebrity. Jackson commented, "It must have been a very short line for your job." If indeed, the line is short, I'd like to be standing in it. Which brings me to the topic of this post. (The introduction ended up being longer than I'd planned, but it was just too funny and entertaining to pass up.)

I've been mistaken, ignorant, and just plain dead wrong for 15 years! That #Ashmore actor I've enjoyed in #XMen, #TheFollowing, #Smallville, and countless other shows and films... ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!
That's right. Identical twin brothers. I feel like a total moron for not having known this years ago. And I'm not saying that all white dudes look the same, but in this situation, they literally, by definition, look the same.

For Valentine's Day this year, my wife got me the first season of Smallville. (I already have season 5-10, but that's a separate story.) If she had not, I still would be in the dark about the twins. #ShawnAshmore (#Iceman) plays Eric Summers in a season one episode, and a season three episode of Smallville.
#AaronAshmore (#Warehouse13) plays #JimmyOlsen from season six until season 10.
Twin brothers, playing different characters, on the same show. Because that's not confusing. And if that didn't confuse you (I hate you), here's a picture of them playing alternate versions of themselves on the set of #Fringe.
Looks like they're having fun with it. But the joke is on them. I've referred to both of them as Aaron Ashmore for a decade. He's a minute older, and an inch taller. Possibly. I could have that confused as well.

I guess I've got them straight now. What a relief. But... then it occurred to me. How many other actors have I loved, not realizing they were twins, #cylons, or clones. I do watch a lot of #scifi, after all. So I did a quick net search to see how many other actors have been messing with me. Mostly it wasn't a surprising list. For instance, did you know that Mary Kate Olsen has a twin named Ashley? Or that the Mowry girls from 'Sister, Sister' were real life twins? Duh. Ashton Kutcher, Kiefer Sutherland, and Scarlett Johansson also have twin siblings. The only new bits of information that annoyed me to learn were that #LindaHamilton, aka Sarah Connor in #TheTerminator franchise, #VinDiesel, and #NicholasBrendon also have twins siblings. With as much #JossWhedon (and oh yea, #CriminalMinds) as I've consumed I should have at least caught #XanderHarris from #Buffy.

So that's it, for now. Apparently, I don't know half as much as I think I know, and I know less than half as much as I know I should know. With the #Olympics dominating primetime. My next post will probably be about all of the movies I should have seen, but haven't yet. Talk to you soon.  -J

"I don't half of you, half as well as I should like. And I like less than half of you, half as well as you deserve." --Bilbo Baggins, on his eleventy-first birthday

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sochi #Olympics Opening Ceremonies

I've actually feel like a terrible writer/blogger because I only ever feel like writing about television. I last wrote about the restaurant my wife and I went to for her birthday. The writing was ok, but it still felt kind of generic to me. I like to write with passion about a subject. I like to write as though I might piss someone off. Then I remembered, #justwrite. There's no better way to be arrogant, and piss people off, than to talk about the #Olympics as an American.. Tonight was the opening ceremonies in #Sochi, Russia.

Honestly, I think the winter #Olympics are far more boring than the summer. I'd much rather watch #basketball or #gymnastics or #swimming. My wife says swimming is exciting because #RyanLochte is so hot. I think winning is hot, so I like swimming, basketball and I like women's gymnastics. #McKaylaMaroney doesn't care about much else, and I agree.

All I care about in this Olympic session, is hockey, and bobsleds. The contending hockey teams are dominated by #ChicagoBlackHawks members and it is going to be so fun to watch our boys skate against each other. Just please don't play very hard. No hard checks on the glass. Please. Shake hands, call it a good game, and come back home to #SweetHomeChicago and bring us another #StanleyCup.
As for the opening ceremonies, I was pretty impressed. The girl described as a [fearless gymnast], blew my expectations away. She reminded me of #ET passing the moon.

"You want me to do what? Soar over the stadium, twice? Three times??!!

I'll pass. I'm black. I just know I'd be the first casualty of the 2014 Olympics. Hash tag, the black guy dies first.

I wish I could have been in charge of sending the #American contingency regardless of Olympic eligibility. I'd have had #SamJackson lead #ToddLodwick out carrying the US flag in a flaming chariot, ala, #TheHungerGames.

I also have to say that I'm rooting for #Jamaica in #bobsleigh. First, I like warm weather sports. Second, I love #tv and #movies. Third and last, how could anyone not root for the #JamaicanBobsledTeam?

Have you ever wondered whether you'd like ballet or opera. My wife clarified for me. I would enjoy Russian ballet far more than Russian opera. I agreed. During the ballet I'd figure out what the hell was going on. During the opera, I'd just sit there and try and learn the Russian language. It'd be miserable for both of us, and anyone sitting near us.

I have one last thought before you lose interest. #Chicago lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics. #Rio got it, but I bet neither city would have made this big of a mistake.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Restaurant Review - Dusek's and Punch House

Our neighborhood has been overrun by hipsters. No joke.

The wife and I went out for our first date since she got pregnant, and they were everywhere. Tomorrow is also her birthday. We had an early dinner at Dusek's Board & Beer #Duseks, and a couple of drinks at #PunchHouse Chicago, the bar downstairs. It's a perfect venue for a couple with a newborn baby, as we live in Pilsen, Chicago, only two blocks away. Jared Wentworth is a #MichelinStar rated chef, already responsible for what I've heard is amazing food at #LongmanAndEagle in Logan Square, also a Chicago neighborhood. So that's what we did while my in-laws cared for Isaiah Jedi. This was the first time we left him away from his #Mama and his #Papa. We were understandably a little nuts after two hours.

My first impression, upon walking in, was that it was a nice restaurant to hang out. Then we found out we were too early to be seated. Other patrons were also seated at the bar to wait. I hope you like craft beer, because that's their specialty. Pairing craft beers with their food. I think craft beer is poison beer, so I had a scotch, and then wine for the remainder of the night. Don't judge me. I can look like a hipster if I care too, but I don't particularly care for it.

When we were sat I immediately got annoyed. The tables are very close to each other, and the table legs at our table didn't allow for me to put my feat down right in front of me. I also didn't want to hear the details of conversation from the gay couple to my left, or the mom and sons to my right. I know I sound annoyed, but I wasn't. The ambiance was very cool. #TheCars were playing, and I was excited to eat some delicious food.

If you decide to eat here at some point, keep in mind, portions are meant to be shared. Our waiter, Nathan, fairly warned us, so we ordered a lot of food. Also, they bring out the food as it's prepared. I like that, because it means my food isn't sitting under a heat lamp getting lame. Our first taste of food was quickly served, boneless duck wings. We didn't expect them to look like egg rolls, but they did. When you could taste the duck it was awesome, but the hot sauce was a bit overwhelming. Make sure you use the sour cream and the other mixes served on the platter. Next, was oysters. I'm sure a warning about eating oysters is not necessary. If you've never done it, it could be the grossest thing you ever do. They were good, but I still had the taste of hot sauce in my mouth. I didn't catch the flavor until the aftertaste. Really fracking good, but I'd skip the extra sauces, and add some salt.

Now the restaurant is starting to get busy, and we're getting our entrees. I had my heart set on the Wood Roasted Skirt Steak. Kate got the Kentucky Fried Quail. Fancy, right? The quail was so fracking good I almost forgot there was other food on the table. Beneath the quail was a foie gras prepared cornbread. I always thought my sister's cornbread was the best. Presupposition out the window! I know that foie gras means that the bird was over fed. I don't care. My palate doesn't care. I could eat it for every meal.

Because the quail was so good, we didn't appreciate the skirt steak as much. After I had cleaned my palate again, I told Kate to try the steak again, and make sure she got some of the blue cheese butter. She didn't care to try again. I asked for an order of it to carry out. I'm sure she'll she agrees when she gets around to our leftovers. Oh, and we also got an order of duck fat fries. Nothing to say about them. They were french fries cooked in duck fat, not vegetable or olive oil. But really, just french fries.

Compliments of the chef, and sent to every table having food, was a spoon. A spoon full of the most delicious thing you could ever put in your mouth. Again, no joke. It was just a taster of butternut squash puree, with bacon and pickled walnuts. I swear, and Katie agrees, I'd go back just for some more of that spoonful. That's great marketing.

A warning for anyone who wants to check this place out. They pickle everything. Every single side is pickled, and it's delicious. The first time. The second time it's ok. The third time they tell you something is pickled, you'll want to punch them in the face. Don't eat it the third time. Just leave it on the plate, but don't stop eating. Everything else on the plate is probably fabulous.

Your other warning is, about Punch House, the bar downstairs. It's just a trendy, modern bar. It's cool, but it's not all that special. I only tasted their punches. Kate was the experimenter, I just wanted to go home and get to my son and dog. They were sweet. They were full of rum, or vodka, and juice. If that's you're deal, drink up. I'd rather have a dry glass of cab. Or a scotch. Or whatever. I'm not drinking any punch until it's 90 degrees in Chicago, and that feels like a million years away.

Last warning is simple. Their cloth napkins are total rubbish. Don't touch them or you will end up wondering why your pea coat is covered in lint. Ten minutes into dinner I thought I'd gotten blue cheese all over myself. I did not. It was all crap off of a new restaurant's linen. I didn't warn the people sitting too close to me. But who am I? The Angel Gabriel?

My overall grade on this restaurant and bar is a solid "B". The food is good. The ambiance is above average. The drinks are average. The price is slightly above average for the quality. You won't regret having gone there.

So say we all.


#Bones on #Fox - Jack Hodgins Fortune

#Bones last night re-raised a couple of questions about the last season and a half that for some reason, I forgot to ask about, or blog about. Maybe it's because Bones moved to Friday nights. #FridayNights are where I typically think television shows go to die, or get cancelled. Maybe it's because I like to go out, drink beer, or generally be social on Friday nights. Or maybe it's because #Pelant was my most hated, and the most despicable villain on television over the last several years. I can't speak to my subconscious, but I'm leaning toward the latter. Pelant came right back to the forefront of my mind during 'The Heiress in the Hill', and I'll explain why.

The Corpse on the Canopy (Season 8, episode 12)

For a pop/cop/crime drama on #primetime television, serial killers can be kind of a cliche, or a 'cop out'. (Forgive the pun.). #StephenNathan, one of the producers of Bones, has said so in many interviews. The only reason they were willing to do so, was because all of the characters in #Bones have evolved so well during the show's nine seasons running. Pelant, as a villain, was no exception.

Pelant returned during season eight to pay back #JackHodgins for being an exceptional forensic scientist. Since Jack was now married to #AngelaMontenegro, (Angel Black Mountain, for those translating), he payed them both back for their expertise, by posing a dead body on the canopy above their bed, and by forcing them to engage in a #HeroesDilemma. When faced with the decision, how would they choose between Jack's family's fortune (undisclosed amount, but a helluva lot of money), and the lives of a bunch of innocent little girls. Of course they chose to save the innocents, and Jack and Angela went jumped from one of the richest families on the planet, to broke. To be fair, they were never going to be broke. Jack has three PhD's, and they both work for #TheJeffersonianInstitute, one of the premiere scientific institutions in the United States, (based in part on the Smithsonian). But when I say they lost a lot of money, I mean Bill Gates and Steve Jobs kind of money.

The Sense in the Sacrifice (Season 9, episode 4)

Jump forward about a half of a season. #Pelant targets #Brennan, which is about the dumbest thing he could have done. Let's not forget that #Booth #DavidBoreanaz in my mind, is also the only vampire with a soul. #Buffy #Angel Pelant gets the Jeffersonian on a lockdown, kidnaps Brennan, and pretty much tells her that they are soulmates. Face to face, Pelant has a gun to Brennan's head, and tells #Booth that he can't die because they "need him". Hashtag 'oops'. #oops Booth takes the shot, and puts one right between Pelant's eyes. I stood up and cheered, no lie. Pelant should now be as dead as the #IndianaJones franchise. Right?

The Heiress in the Hill (Season 9, episode 15)

I have no idea as to why this didn't occur to me a season ago. With all of the cop and legal shows I watch, it should have occurred to me that Hodgins should have gotten his fortune back by now. It was a pretty typical episode of #Bones (case wise). But a few things stood out. Hodgins found out he had a brother that he never knew about, Jeffrey Hodgins. Jeffrey was schizophrenic, and sent to an institution by the Hodgins parents, without Jack even remembering him. The trust fund they had set up to pay his medical bills had run out a few months ago, otherwise, Jack would never had known he wasn't an only child. Unfortunately, because Pelant took all his money, Jack and Angela had no way to pick up the tab.

In other news, Brennan got a royalty check for 75,000 dollars, as a best selling author. Booth had issues putting the check into his own account, (they don't yet have a joint account), so they spent a major part of the episode discussing money. When Booth finally came to terms with Bones making so much money, he suggested they give it to Jack and Angela. Anyone who knows the show, saw that coming, and also knew that the Hodgins would refuse. The Hodgins took out a loan, like "regular people". Booth and Bones donated 75K to a Veteran's relief fund. Duh, predictable.

But here's my first issue. #Hodgins literally got robbed, by a serial killer. There could be no doubt in any law enforcement organization's mind, after what they all went through. Pelant threatened everyone at the Jeffersonaian. He left bodies everywhere, put the Jeffersonian on lockdown, and was killed on what hasn't even been questioned as a "good shooting".  Then I realized, he's gonna get his money back. He has to. But no bureaucracy wan't to pay it. Not the #FBI, not his bank, and definitely not any insurance company. #Hodge is going to be locked up in court and paper work for about a thousand years. Or until the end of #Bones as a tv series. Then we'll get some sort of happy ending. I should have thought of that with all of the #LawAndOrder I watch.

My other issue, isn't really even an issue. I'm just really looking forward to when the FBI decides to go kick some ass to get Hodgins his money back. Just wait until #LanceSweets, psychologist for the FBI, Caroline Julian, a prosecutor for the U.S District Attorney's office, and Special Agent Seely Booth, walk into someone's office demanding justice for a member of the Jeffersonian team.

I hope we get a courtroom drama episode.