Sunday, June 28, 2015


It's been almost a month since my last post. It's not that I haven't had anything to say. I just haven't  known what I wanted to say or how to say it.

We really miss our little pain-in-the-ass, Pepper Potts. Sometimes Kate and I both accidentally curse, "DAMMIT PEPPER!' We miss her, but that doesn't mean that we don't love Rory.
I should have listened to the warnings about owning and training a puppy. But, I did not. Kate was most specific. "You don't know what you're getting us into." She was right, I didn't.

This little girl bites us. She barks or whines when we leave the room. She runs away when we let her pee off of the leash. She messes with Isaiah. She shits and pisses on the carpet. But, we love her. I love her (Katie is still on the fence).

1. She's an absolutely gorgeous dog. I have to say, she's cuter than Pepper.
2. She loves me.
3. She loves Isaiah.
4. She loves Katie.
5. She annoys my upstairs neighbor.
6. She cries when she knows Isaiah is upset.
7. She knows Katie is home even before Kate gets to the gate.
8. She cleans up Isaiah's food mess. (That's not that special, but at least I don't have to do it.)

I'd have made it a top ten, but I couldn't think of nine or ten.

We didn't plan on getting a new dog this soon. But the house didn't feel complete without a dog companion. I insisted that Rory join our family. I hope she's with us for the next decade. Sometimes she annoys Kate, but I think she agrees. We have the second best dog ever, and probably the most beautiful dog ever.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rory and Heidi

I must confess. Salty, liquid, discharges just came from my eyes. Before writing about new pets, I had to go back and read my older posts, to make sure I wasn't being repetitious. I hate being such a sissy, but I do miss Pepper Potts, and I always will.

Katie, Isaiah, and I are blessed to have a new member join our family. "Rory" is a cockapoo, just over seven weeks old. She's amazingly cute. She gets along great with Isaiah. She loves to play. She can be a bit aggressive with her teeth, but she's still just a baby.

Isaiah looks pissed off in this picture, so I guess I should say, she "mostly" gets along with Isaiah. 

We had a tough time picking out a name for this little girl. Kate wanted cute names and I wanted names that had some kind of fun pop culture reference. The only reason we settled on "Rory" was because Kate suggested it, knowing I would think of "Doctor Who" and she would think of "Gilmore Girls". She knew it was a winner when she saw my face light up at the mention of it. Also, we've abbreviated as a nickname to "Ro". "Ro Laren" was a character in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', so we got a triple cross-over, without meaning to.

I don't know what the bloody hell we/I were thinking getting a seven-week old puppy, to go along with our 17 month old toddler, and me, as a stay-at-home-dad. But I wouldn't trade either of my little shitheads for anything. Except maybe a six-pack and a bottle of whiskey. Even then, I'd take Isaiah and Rory. They're just too damned cute. 

If you read my blog regularly, (I'm not sure why you would), you'd know that my brother's family also lost their dog the same weekend. We're gonna miss Rosie. But on a positive side, we're happy to welcome 'Heidi' into the family. My niece, Graciana, was promised she could get a new dog when school was over. School is done tomorrow, so my brother has to go get this little girl.

She looks a little green to me, but I can't wait to meet her.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. But finally everyone has a place, and able to make a routine. I'll let you know when I get into a routine with a toddler and a puppy. I hope it's soon.