Friday, February 28, 2014

SVU Meets ChicagoPD plus Heroes: Reborn

Thank you, for still reading my blog, those of you that still do. My last post was very bitchy, and approval/attention seeking. You get my gratitude but not an apology. Because as #Gibbs speaking for #JohnWayne would say, "Never apologize, it's a sign of weakness."

For those of you that didn't get the news, #Heroes is coming back to #NBC in 2015. I was especially blown away because the news came to me via my wife at about six in the morning on a weekday. We watched the show together, and loved it, but she will be the first to tell you that I liked it better than she. Typically, I would be the one to wake her up at one o'clock in the morning with this news. 

Understandably, (at least for me), I was agitated about being uninformed and needed to go online to check the news myself. And then rant and rave like a lunatic. And then start 'Heroes' from the beginning on #Netflix. And the rant, rave, and speculate about what a new series would be about. I was super pissed about the writer's strike interrupting my viewing pleasure. I was even more pissed, when I thought we would never get any more 'Heroes' again. But not as pissed as #Sheldon.

I immediately started #bingewatching 'Heroes' so that my opinions about a new show would be informed, and intelligent. As of the first of March, I'm at the beginning of season two, pretending I don't know what happens in the next two season. Check me out on #twitter to maybe catch my random thoughts on random mid-series episodes @JasonJoelSmith.

Everyone is wondering who will be back for the new series. A lot of the actors have way better things to do than rejoin the cast of a show that already failed twice. #ZacharayQuinto is #Spock in the current #StarTrek franchise. #HaydenPanettiere is doing pretty well on #ABC with #Nashville (snooze). #MasiOka is a genius/nerd/smartass on #HawaiiFiveO. There's no reason to look for any of them to risk their careers on what may easily be a failure. 

Here's who I predict you will see in the next mini-series. #JackColeman #HRG will be there, possibly in a flashback. #Masi #Hiro and #GeorgeTakei will make cameos, because they're both so cool and love us #fanboys. Hiro can also time travel, so maybe we get to see future Hiro again with that silly #FlavorSaver. Really, anyone can make a cameo and probably will. They all owe #TimKring their careers, and should do whatever he asks of them. Seriously, what if it's set it 2040? Peter, Sylar, and Claire can't die. Hiro can time travel. I'd love to seem them old, and the new managers of #TheCompany. But not, #Mohinder. He was kind of a moron.

#SVU #ChicagoPD - I have been looking forward to these shows crossing over since #DickWolf promised me they would so, before the premiere of #ChicagoPD. They cross-over this week,  Wednesday February 27th, but it was not the "2-hour event" it was advertised to be. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was completely just an average episode of SVU. Semi-serial rapist, celebrity antagonist #JonathanSilverman, difficult court case for the district attorney or assistant district attorney. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've seen that plot line 200 times. I've watched almost all of the L&O series and episodes, and that's the standard format for any ep that doesn't need to advance the plot. The only thing that made it unique for me was the I know how cool Jonathan Silverman has been in other things. (Strangely, I think of #TheSingleGuy, a tv series from the mid-nineties. You'll definitely have to look that one up.)

But in the last 45 seconds #SophiaBush showed up at 1 Police Plaza (1PP), the headquarters of the #NYPD. She was on assignment from Chicago to follow up on a serial killer/rapist the SVU had tracked months before. To aid in the investigation, #SGTBenson sent detectives Rollins and Tutuola #Fin, to Chicago.

That's it. That's all we got for a the SVU side of the crossover. 

#ChicagoPD side of the crossover was way cooler. 

From the first moment SVU detectives walked into a Chicago Police Department, it was perfect. They call #SgtPlatt #AmyMorton "Office".  Oops. "That's what they call the desk here, right?" #Platt just points at her bars and says, "Oh you're from New York? Why didn't you say so. Go sit over there." They call her Sergeant, because she's got the bars, and outranks you. She's a bitch, but she's right. #Fin comments about how nice #NewYorkers seem to be except for the battleaxe up front, but from there on it's just good cop tv.

SVU cops Rollins and Tutuola are now specialist sex crime #profilers. They advise #CPD what to look for. CPD goes totally off protocol to kick ass and take names. Sergeant Voight does whatever he needs to do to "glean" information for a suspect in custody. "What's the cage," asks Detective Tutuola. No response given, and none necessary, I would guess. (Fin worked vice undercover, and now works sex crimes NYPD. He'd know how to kick a perps ass). And the rookie, Officer Kim Burgess #MarinaSquerciati, broke from desk duty to break the case. By the way, she's the hottest one on this new show. If I run into her shooting film in my neighborhood, I'm gonna invite her for a burger. (Crap, it's on the world wide web now. I hope I have money if that happens.)

My favorite part was the last scene of everyone at Molly's, the bar owned by the #ChicagoFire crew. Cheers to the #CPD and #CFD! Why every member of the CPD isn't welcome at Molly's is a long story. One I hope, they'll get into during seasons 2 and 3. 

In the meantime, thanks for reading. 


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  1. What I wonder with hero's is are they going to use any of the old writing that was never produced? I had heard that when the show was canceled they had already written a season or two to complete the story line, but then we're not able to use it when show was cancelled.