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#Bones on #Fox - Jack Hodgins Fortune

#Bones last night re-raised a couple of questions about the last season and a half that for some reason, I forgot to ask about, or blog about. Maybe it's because Bones moved to Friday nights. #FridayNights are where I typically think television shows go to die, or get cancelled. Maybe it's because I like to go out, drink beer, or generally be social on Friday nights. Or maybe it's because #Pelant was my most hated, and the most despicable villain on television over the last several years. I can't speak to my subconscious, but I'm leaning toward the latter. Pelant came right back to the forefront of my mind during 'The Heiress in the Hill', and I'll explain why.

The Corpse on the Canopy (Season 8, episode 12)

For a pop/cop/crime drama on #primetime television, serial killers can be kind of a cliche, or a 'cop out'. (Forgive the pun.). #StephenNathan, one of the producers of Bones, has said so in many interviews. The only reason they were willing to do so, was because all of the characters in #Bones have evolved so well during the show's nine seasons running. Pelant, as a villain, was no exception.

Pelant returned during season eight to pay back #JackHodgins for being an exceptional forensic scientist. Since Jack was now married to #AngelaMontenegro, (Angel Black Mountain, for those translating), he payed them both back for their expertise, by posing a dead body on the canopy above their bed, and by forcing them to engage in a #HeroesDilemma. When faced with the decision, how would they choose between Jack's family's fortune (undisclosed amount, but a helluva lot of money), and the lives of a bunch of innocent little girls. Of course they chose to save the innocents, and Jack and Angela went jumped from one of the richest families on the planet, to broke. To be fair, they were never going to be broke. Jack has three PhD's, and they both work for #TheJeffersonianInstitute, one of the premiere scientific institutions in the United States, (based in part on the Smithsonian). But when I say they lost a lot of money, I mean Bill Gates and Steve Jobs kind of money.

The Sense in the Sacrifice (Season 9, episode 4)

Jump forward about a half of a season. #Pelant targets #Brennan, which is about the dumbest thing he could have done. Let's not forget that #Booth #DavidBoreanaz in my mind, is also the only vampire with a soul. #Buffy #Angel Pelant gets the Jeffersonian on a lockdown, kidnaps Brennan, and pretty much tells her that they are soulmates. Face to face, Pelant has a gun to Brennan's head, and tells #Booth that he can't die because they "need him". Hashtag 'oops'. #oops Booth takes the shot, and puts one right between Pelant's eyes. I stood up and cheered, no lie. Pelant should now be as dead as the #IndianaJones franchise. Right?

The Heiress in the Hill (Season 9, episode 15)

I have no idea as to why this didn't occur to me a season ago. With all of the cop and legal shows I watch, it should have occurred to me that Hodgins should have gotten his fortune back by now. It was a pretty typical episode of #Bones (case wise). But a few things stood out. Hodgins found out he had a brother that he never knew about, Jeffrey Hodgins. Jeffrey was schizophrenic, and sent to an institution by the Hodgins parents, without Jack even remembering him. The trust fund they had set up to pay his medical bills had run out a few months ago, otherwise, Jack would never had known he wasn't an only child. Unfortunately, because Pelant took all his money, Jack and Angela had no way to pick up the tab.

In other news, Brennan got a royalty check for 75,000 dollars, as a best selling author. Booth had issues putting the check into his own account, (they don't yet have a joint account), so they spent a major part of the episode discussing money. When Booth finally came to terms with Bones making so much money, he suggested they give it to Jack and Angela. Anyone who knows the show, saw that coming, and also knew that the Hodgins would refuse. The Hodgins took out a loan, like "regular people". Booth and Bones donated 75K to a Veteran's relief fund. Duh, predictable.

But here's my first issue. #Hodgins literally got robbed, by a serial killer. There could be no doubt in any law enforcement organization's mind, after what they all went through. Pelant threatened everyone at the Jeffersonaian. He left bodies everywhere, put the Jeffersonian on lockdown, and was killed on what hasn't even been questioned as a "good shooting".  Then I realized, he's gonna get his money back. He has to. But no bureaucracy wan't to pay it. Not the #FBI, not his bank, and definitely not any insurance company. #Hodge is going to be locked up in court and paper work for about a thousand years. Or until the end of #Bones as a tv series. Then we'll get some sort of happy ending. I should have thought of that with all of the #LawAndOrder I watch.

My other issue, isn't really even an issue. I'm just really looking forward to when the FBI decides to go kick some ass to get Hodgins his money back. Just wait until #LanceSweets, psychologist for the FBI, Caroline Julian, a prosecutor for the U.S District Attorney's office, and Special Agent Seely Booth, walk into someone's office demanding justice for a member of the Jeffersonian team.

I hope we get a courtroom drama episode.

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