Monday, October 5, 2015

Premiere Week Part III

Week three of the premiere season is an interesting time for a #TVJunkie. Most shows have proven whether or not they are worth viewership, some are just about to start, and some won't start until the January 2016. I keep a comprehensive TV schedule on our fridge. Here's a breakdown, from night to night. Keep in mind, I only have basic cable. I watch everything on Netflix, Hulu, Comcast On Demand, or live.

Brooklyn 99 - So far, so good. As funny as the last season.
The Good Wife - Last night was the premiere. Not enough data to judge it yet, but I liked it.
The Last Man On Earth - Silly and ridiculous, but worth 22 minutes if you have the minutes to spare.
Once Upon a Time - Ashamed to say, as a #Oncer, I haven't watched any of it yet.
Quantico - Really good new show. I'll stick with this one for a bit.

Gotham - Yes. Yes. Yes.
Castle - Good, but not overwhelmingly good. Yet. We'll see in 45 minutes.
NCIS:LA - Awesome. It's becoming one of my favorite shows. That says a lot, considering the volume of TV I watch.
The Big Bang Theory - Not yet back, but I'm thirsty for more of the last season. Except for Penny's hair.
Minority Report - Premise and plot are great. The dialogue makes me want to throw up in my own mouth.
Blindspot - I wasn't interested, but really good. I have a crush on Jaimie Alexander. She's an Avenger.

NCIS - Still my favorite, currently running show. Still awesome.
Marvel's Agents of Shield - Meh. Watchable, but so for, not all that engaging.
The Flash - Hasn't started yet. I think tomorrow.
NCIS: New Orleans - Mediocre. But I can't, not watch. Scott Bakula is NCIS + Quantum Leap + Star Trek.
Grandfathered - It's ok. It stars Uncle Jesse from Full House.
The Muppets - Total crap. I even had a dream that Muppets appeared to ruin other shows.
Scream Queens - No. No. No. Comcast tells me people like this show. It makes my brain melt.
Supergirl - Due October 26th.
Limitless - Best show on TV. Even better than my precious NCIS. Seriously.

Black-ish - I'm always worried, white people won't 'get' this show. But, somehow, they do. It's hilarious.
Arrow - Premiere is Wednesday. Can't wait.
Rosewood - One of the best of the new shows, I doubt anyone will watch. I bet cancelled by November.
Empire - Empire's upcoming episodes look better than the premiere. Premiere was pretty good, though.
SVU - Always great, but no greater than previous episodes or seasons.

Chicago PD - Brilliant premiere! Can't wait for the follow up, and the premiere of Chicago Fire.
Criminal Minds - Good episode, but not anything unseen before.

Scandal - Not all that impressive, but it did leave me wanting more.
Bones - Wiskey Tango Foxtrot. I need another episode, like, yesterday.
Heroes Reborn - Meh. Not bad, not good. Just, meh. At least Hiro is in thenext episode.
How to Get Away With Murder - There isn't a single likeable character on the show. I like it, but they're starting to get annoying.
The Blacklist - If you don't yet watch it, you've fucked up. Watch, immediately.

Last Man Standing - I watch a lot of TV. Mostly cop shows, but LMS is at the top of my comedies.
Hawaii 5-O - Jorge Garcia got a sort of badge, so I'm happy.
Blue Bloods - Great ep! I'd like an all-Reagan administration. More tv, please.

Doctor Who - I'm a terrible Whovian for having only seen the first episode. But I enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading this. I find myself so obnoxious, that I can't even proofread my posts, or comprehend why even a friend would read it. But, hopefully, I'll post again soon.

Gracias para toda, que te vaya bien, y hasta luego.

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