Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friday - Where Good Shows Go To Die

I'm really gonna miss these shows after they get cancelled for low ratings. Who the hell watches TV on a Friday night?  #LastManStanding is pretty funny, and it's nice to see #TimAllen working again, but I'm positive they can't make it work on a Friday night. The girls are pretty cute, too. I checked, they are old enough to be found attractive.

Hawaii 5-O is fantastic. I have no idea why #CBS would move them from Monday to Friday. #ChiMcBride is a #BMF and I can't wait to see him join an already bad-ass cast. It's too bad #GoldenBoy got cancelled. I hope we get to hear him say "Book 'em Danno'!

1 comment:

  1. You know we already don't agree that #Friday is the place that good shows go to die! Don't forget that soon enough #Bones will be moving from Monday to Friday! #Grimm is another good one for a Friday night. #ABC has been revamping that Friday night comedy block with shows like #LastManStanding...I miss the days of #TGIF =)