Monday, September 30, 2013

Premiere Season Part 3 of ?

Ok, fine.I like#ParksAndRecreation. I only watch it because my wife loves it, but I realize I love everyone on the show. Except for #AmyPoehler. Leslie Knope is just too damned annoying of a character.#NickOffreman Ron Swanson might be the funniest person on television. I also have huge crushes on #RashidaJones and #AubreyPlaza. Aubrey might be a crazy person, though. See the #MTVMovieAwards. Bitch ran up on stage and tried to take away an award from #WillFerrell. Rashida didn't do anything crazy.

#TheBigBangTheory - Funniest show on tv. Thank you, television gods, for making this my pre-primetime warm-up on syndication. Too much TV made me forget why Leonard was in the arctic. Thanks, Reed. Sheldon and Penny were so fun to watch together. Also, Leonard looks ridiculous with a beard.

Which was better? #TheCrazyOnes or #TheMichaelJFoxShow ? They are different kinds of comedy, and I don't think they should be compared. #RobinWilliams was Robin Williams but I still think he was funnier when he was on drugs. I'm not too sure Michael J. Fox was acting, or just re-enacting what he goes through every day. I think I'd rather watch him do something new, and completely different.  On a side note, think about this. #MatthewBroderick was almost Michael P. Keaton on #FamilyTies. #EricStoltz was almost Marty McFly in #BTTF. How different would the 80's have been?

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  1. I'm a HUGE Big Bang Theory fan. Sheldon and Amy together are just priceless. I didn't know that about BTTF and Family Ties! Guess we wouldn't have known any different, but they probably wouldn't have been as brilliant without Michael J. Fox. Loving your blog btw!