Saturday, September 14, 2013

What to Watch on Wednesday

Wednesdays are weird for me. I'm married to an amazing woman who doesn't like to watch too much television, especially about murder/rape/children.  But two of my favorite shows are #CriminalMinds and #SVU. I think both of them need to wrap it up. SVU hasn't been the same since Detective Stabler left several years ago, and Criminal Minds needs to find a way to create an ongoing story line that someone might give a rat's ass about. It may be too late for that.

On the bright side, I live in Pilsen, and I have the privilege of being right in front of taping of #ChicagoFire and the spinoff, #ChicagoPD, whenever I want. If my pregnant wife stays up to watch it, that's what I watch. Otherwise, I go into superhero mode.

#Arrow is awesome, and I can't wait to see the characters develop. Spoiler Alert: Laurel's last name is Lance. The #BlackCanaray was Dinah Lance. That's a DC heroine. Just try and forget about the awful display that was #BirdsOfPrey. I threw up in my mouth a little bit, thinking about how awful it was.  #Speedy is also comic sidekick that I think will be making an appearance, probably during season 3.Initially, we fanboys thought it might be #TheaQueen. After the first season it's pretty clear that #RoyHarper, Thea's delinquent boyfriend, will be Speedy.

Oh, yea. #TheLeague is amazing. I wish each episode were longer than 22 minutes. My friends and I are all idiots about fantasy sports. It's really easy to associate my friends with characters from this show.

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  1. As far as #Arrow is concerned we will get #Flash this season, and I can't wait to see their take on that character! Side note: #ChicagoFire has moved to #MustSeeTuesdays opposite #PersonofInterest