Friday, September 20, 2013

Fringe - The Series Finale

Dear Friends,

      I apologize for taking this long to finish such an amazing show. I didn't mean to do so. After you read what I have to say about it I think you will understand.

Siincerely, #JJSmith

So here's what happened. Last year I was totally invested in #Fringe, but it wasn't my number one show. I missed a couple of episodes, and found myself completely confused and trying to figure out how they all ended up in the future. I watched one more episode. It still made no sense. I decided the best course of action would be to just wait until all of Season Five was added to #Netflix. Then, I could start from the beginning and watch all of S5 straight through. So that's what I did.

I barely know where to start talking about it. If I didn't already love everything he did, I'd punch #JJAbrams in the face. I teared up when Henrietta died. Why would you make us so attached to a brand new character, during the final season, and then kill her off? You're an asshole JJ.

At this point, I checked to see how many episodes there were in the fifth season. 13 is annoying.

Walter is fated to die. Walter tells September he is fated to die. September says ok. Walter tells Peter he is fated to die, so that he can make amends for his past wrongs. This is where you tear up, as Walter and Peter hug and Peter calls him 'Dad'. September tells Walter, that he's taking Earth's Salvation to the future because it's his responsibility as a father to see that his son fulfills his destiny. Shots fired, everyone runs around crazy. September gets shot. Walter grabs the boy and runs into the future, to save humankind.

Peter, Olivia and toddler Henrietta play in the park in a rewritten history where Walter has disappeared into the future. Peter gets a letter from 'Dad' Walter.

I got a migraine just trying to write that. You only got a synopsis from reading that, but I promise it was mind-blowing. I'm gonna miss this show, and I wonder if I'll think of #JoshuaJackson from #DawsonsCreek, #Fringe, or #TheMightyDucks. My wife still calls him #Pacey. I guess it could be worse.


  1. Wow, you have a blog? That's awesome. :)


  2. #Fringe was a great show with a strong and loyal fan base! #JJAbrams continues to write/produce awesome shows! Some shows surprise you like #Felicity and some shows make it to 100 episodes like #Alias #Fringe and #Lost He continues to produce quality TV with shows like #PersonofInterest and then he has shows that are gone too soon such as #Alcatraz I'm such a fan that at this point if his name is on it I'm going to give it a try!