Sunday, September 15, 2013

What to Watch on Thursday

Happy Thursday, (insert cute name for people that read my blog here)!

Thursdays are a crazy night for TV. Even if you don't watch much TV, you probably watch a show that is on Thursdays. My guiltiest pleasure, #Glee is on the same night as one of the smartest shows on television, #Elementary. #Scandal and #KerryWashington are brilliant, but it's a really difficult show to explain what you've missed. If you know me at all, you probably understand why of all the TV shows I watch, and all the characters I could identify with, I most identify with #SheldonCooper on #TheBigBangTheory. #JimParsons completes me.

I never used to like game shows. I watch #SteveHarvey on #FamilyFued just about every day before (and sometimes instead of) the news. But the best game show on television is #HollywoodGameNight hosted by Glee's #JaneLynch. Six celebrities team up with a couple of 'civilians' for a mostly pop culture quiz show. It's extra cool because many nights the celebrities are all from the same show or genre. #SNL night was awesome.

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  1. #Thursday is a CRAZY night for television! You mentioned the great ones like #Glee #Elementary #Scandal #TheBigBangTheory but left off some other good ones such as #GreysAnatomy (yes! it's a good show!) and #Parenthood that has transplanted from #MustSeeTuesdays to now go opposite Scandal and Elementary! Yikes! You'll appreciate that show much more in about a month or so! =)