Saturday, September 28, 2013

Premiere Season Part 2 of ?

Tuesdays are the best TV night ever! Two of my favorite shows are on, and the show I was most looking forward to this premiere season. I'm not gonna start with any of those, though. I'll start with the show that was the biggest surprise for me of the season.

#Brooklyn99 - Although she barely ever stays up past 9:15 pm, my wife is a #SNL junkie. So it was a sad day at the Smith household when #AndySamberg left the show. Brooklyn99 is a weird genre of show. Andy Samberg plays a complete goof-ball, who is also probably the best detective at the precinct. It's a very weird dichotomy, but it works. It's nice to see #AndreBraugher again after #LastResort pooped out. I really like it. Which means, it'll probably get cancelled.

#AgentsOfShield - "I'm #JossWhedon. I make a lot of cool stuff and when I do, I call up all of my friends from other things I've done, and invite them to join me on my newest project." @StrategicHomelandInterventionEnforcementAndLogisticsDivison is just another example of what Joss does.#CobieSmulder is still hot, and made a very cool cameo at the beginning of the premiere ep. You know her as Robin Scherbatsky on #HIMYM and Agent Maria Hill from #TheAvengers. Let us not forget J. August Richards #JAugustRichards, whom I love, from #Angel, another Whedon project. It was a fantastic introduction to the premise and the characters. I cannot wait to find out the real story behind Agent Coulson's, #ClarkGregg, disappearance.What I really don't want to see, is ala #Smallville. The early seasons were just freak of the week kind of stuff, and I think that would end up to boring. Remember the TV series #BirdsOfPrey? That was god awful. Don't do that, Joss. Oh, and a quick shout out to #MingNaWen as the forced out of retirement super-spy. I loved you in #StargateUniverse.

#PersonOfInterest - My second favorite show proved it's worth. Everything I said I want in a premiere was there, and then some. It had great action, we caught up on the characters, and the story line continued. Detective Carter is no longer a detective, now she's just one of the boys in blue. Lame. No one really cares about Fusco. Finch and Reese are back in the grind. One of the coolest things about the third season is that two of the hottest women on television are now regulars. #AmyAcker (so hot, remember her from Angel?) spent the entire ep in prison, talking to to a counselor. The counselor was clearly not as intelligent as she was. 'Root' is going to be a bad guy for a long time. #SarahShahi, the other hottest chick on tv, was crazy awesome with the sniper rifle. I cannot wait for more #POI. My favorite character is missing, though. WHERE IS BEAR? Finch and Reese's dog that only responds to commands in Dutch is my fav.

#NCIS - America's number one drama never lets me down. Also, it's my favorite show, easily. After #Shield's premiere, you'll never catch me watching anything else at 7pm on Tuesday night. I'm not going to break down the plot for you. If you don't watch it, you're one of the only people left in this country. #ColinHanks is the biggest douche ever, but he does redeem himself, much to my surprise. (You were right, Hayley.) I miss #Ziva, and I don't know how the show will continue after this season without her. I promise you this, if something bad happens to Ziva, Tony, #Gibbs, and McGee will rain down hell's fire on whomever is the perpetrator.

#NCISLA - Intense. From the first minute, my eyes were locked on the screen, and my ass was glued to the couch. Deeks never waivered undercover, and I'm surprised Sam even had to ask him. Not surprisingly, neither of them would lie there in a hospital bed while their team was in trouble. This premiere was totally a Deeks episode, and it was incredibly emotional/dramatic when he finally (kind of) told Kensi how he felt. Also, regarding NCIS: LA #DanielaRuah is super hot, but I prefer Nell #ReneeFeliceSmith. If Kate ever left me, which she will not, I'd marry her and she wouldn't even have to change her name.

#ComingSoon - The most intense two hours of television I've ever seen.

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