Tuesday, October 1, 2013


If you ever need to look up something from #Bones on #IMDB, the happiest thing you will ever see is #CreditOnly . That means she is a recurring cast member, but she wasn't in an episode. Like this week. Thank God. #CarlaGallo is definitely hot, but #DaisyWick is one of the most obnoxious characters on television. I hope Pelant ges frustrated with Booth and Bones' relationship, goes on a killing spree, and starts with Daisy.

Can someone explain to me why Sweets was carrying a firearm during that drive-by? It makes no sense, and by the way, that was the worst drive-by in the history of drive-bys. Cruise past a house, start firing, and then you get shot. #Fail

All in all it was a great episode. Sweets grew himself some cohones. We got to see Cam and Angela remove a corpse's face. That little Mexican kid has got some stones. And #PatriciaBelcher as Caroline is always one of the funniest parts of every episode.

On a completely unrelated topic, it's Tuesday. Tonight we say goodbye to #CoteDePablo #ZivaDavid on #NCIS. I hope Tony goes out and kicks some ass for her.

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