Monday, October 7, 2013

Either you Caan, or you won't

#5O Steve and Dan-O coaching little league is the coolest thing ever. Everyone else probably just thought it was a very cool episode of #Hawaii5O (it was) , but all I could think about was the father-son dichotomy. #ScottCaan coaching little kids playing ball on TV at the same time his dad, #JamesCaan is on a new show #BackIntheGame is really funny. Who do you suppose is the bigger ball-buster in that relationship? I'm gonna guess James. After all, he was in the #Godfather.

It was a really good episode, but it only left me with two thoughts, post-Caans. First, #TimDaly played a BMF, and I think his character deserves its own show. I don't want to see a new #WalkerTexasRanger , but I think 5-O is ready for a spin-off. Four seasons is plenty enough of a warm up. I would totally watch a show about a good cop, who's also a good Texan.

I haven't been watching much baseball, even though it's the playoffs.#MLB But the last scene of 5-O was possibly one of my favorite of the entire show. "No kissing in baseball" Thanks, Dan-O. I'll probably be quoting that forever.

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