Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Chicago Bears

So I'm sitting in church, waiting to get the hell out of there. I fought tooth and nail, to just stay in bed this morning. I even told Kate last night, that we should skip church, because the storms were going to be so awful. She didn't buy it, and I don't blame her. After Mass, we had an RCIA class, but all I was thinking about was going home to watch football.

I checked the score while in class, it was 10-10. Before we had left the room it was 10-17. Before we were all the way home and settled, it was tied again after a #DevinHester return. After that the score ballooned. The second highest scoring game of the season. That'd be very impressive, if it didn't mean that the defense crapped their pants. 

Honestly, we really shouldn't complain. The Bears have been winning ugly all year. Losing reminds mediocre teams that they can't get by on luck. The Bears needed that kick in the tush. Playing like crap and winning deludes teams into thinking they aren't crap, and they have nothing to work on. So what do the Bears have to work on? Everything. For once, the Bears have no glaring holes to focus on, they just need to shore up what they already have in place. Tackle, run, catch, and never get caught sleeping. If they do that, they're in first place, and the #DetroitLions look like a neighborhood flag football team. Oh, and they need to stay healthy.

Remember the Bears third quarterback? That's because they don't have one. Sorry, but I kind of wanted #JoshMcCown to get hurt just so that I could see who the Bears would throw into the mix at QB. How funny would it have been to see #Hester taking snaps? He made a nice toss across the field during one of the final plays of the game, but I never want to see that again. #AdamPodlesh? #RobbieGould? Gross.

Could anyone else have gotten injured? Seriously? #Cutler- out. #Briggs- out. #Tillman- out. Thank God, we have the bye next week. Today was a hot sloppy, ugly, mess.#Gould even missed a field goal. I thought hell might freeze over. No more ugly football, Bears. Let's buckle down and start kicking ass like every fan knows you can.

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