Friday, October 18, 2013

"T"s Reminder

Thank you, "T" for reminding me that I wanted to blog about more than just television when I started blogging. Besides television, I planned on writing about movies, politics, music, sports, and every other day-to-day interaction that caught my attention. Looking back on all of those topics, I remember why I've waited.

#Change happens too slowly, or too quickly. Both paces are annoying.

Music - I stopped listening to the radio around 2010. I didn't make a conscious decision to do so. I just started listening more and more to sports talk radio. Every day there was some obnoxious song on, from an artist I'd never heard of. After about 40 seconds of that, I'd put on a CD, or switch to AM radio to hear the news (not that it was any better), or sports news. A friend recently asked what was my favorite band. My age is showing, but I had to say #FooFighters . Laugh if you must. I'd rather listen to an "oldie" than new crap.

Politics - "The #Republicans and the #TeaParty are holding up the entire government, and our country's advancement!" "The #Democrats put us in a situation where we have to dig in our heels so that we can at least get a foothold in an environment where we're heard."

#AlexTrebeck "These are the people who benefit from a government shutdown in the United States of America."

#TheUnitedStatesofAmerica "Who is no one in America and every other nation on the planet Earth?"

Correct! For zero dollars and our Nation's security.

Get over it, people. Big business doesn't care. The government doesn't care. #Occupy whatever doesn't care. Care about you, and yours, and then run for a position in my district. You have my vote.

Day-to-Day - Finally, we have #recycling in our neighborhood. Go green. I expect the city will stay on top of it. And I know they'll be back to take away bins left in front of empty homes.

Day-to-Day - I'm going to take a hammer with me tomorrow when I walk my dog, and smack any owner who doesn't clean up his dogs poop.

Day-to-Day - I love how easy it is to use #ChicagoPublicLibrary online. 

Movies - I haven't seen a movie in the theaters since probably "Star Trek Into Darkness". That makes me sad. I used to go see a movie just for the hell of it, by myself, in the middle of the day. Being a grownup can suck sometimes. Before Baby-Smith is born, the wife and I will definitely be seeing #EndersGame together. I'll try and squeeze a few bootlegs in to review as soon as possible. I keep trying to watch #TheWolverine but I heard it was crappy, and keep finding something better to do instead.

#NFL #ChicagoBears #MLB #NHL #ChicagoBlackHawks #BlackHawks #FantasyFootball #Wolverines #UofM

The Bears are 4-2 and they easily could be 2-4. I hate to watch sloppy wins, but I'm used to it, I'm from Chicago. The offense shows up when they feel like it, the offensive line, even more inconsistently. Last week #JayCutler looked pretty good. I think he'll look even better against the #WashingtonRedskins . I predict an easy win for the #Bears , 37-10.

#TheWolverines have also been fortunate. I will be wearing my jersey against the #Hoosiers, and I think they'll win. But they should only be 3-4 at this point. It took four overtimes to lose to #PennState? Vomit. Just lose so we can all watch something else.

I hate the #StLouisBlues #GoBlackHawks

My Papi (grandfather) might jump on a plane to just kick my butt and disown me from my family for liking the #Dodgers of all the teams in the Championship Series in both divisions. 

I hate the #RedSox and #RedsoxNation. They are a dislikable people from a dislikable city. Ever been to #Boston? It sucks. You can't go anywhere quickly, and it might even be worse than #Wrigleyville. I recall being on the expressway within 1 mile of the stadium, and you could see it. From there it took over an hour to actually get near the stadium.

#Detroit is one of the worst cities in America. I've been to both #TigerStadium and #ComericaPark. Approaching Tiger Stadium we saw a warehouse fire across the street. No one else seemed to notice a building, on fire, across the street from a #MLB team. I guess it went out on it's own? Comerica Park seemed liked #ZombieLand because no one was there. I kept looking for #EmmaStone but she didn't show.

#StLouis teams are obnoxious, but I really couldn't figure out how to explain it in my own words. I root for them when they play the #Cubs, but that really isn't an argument. All of the city's teams act, and feel as though they should be America's team, America's underdog. But honestly, St. Louis, no one cares. Your fans are obnoxious just because they are obnoxious people. We root against you because we don't like your city, or you people. And seriously, when was the last time you met someone that grew up in St. Louis? Answer: Never. It's always someone from some more reputable city, that chose to be a #STL fan, that even their friends can't stand to be around them.

I've been to #DodgerStadium. Maybe they recognize tourists, but they were the most ignorantly trustworthy fans I've ever met. We needed four tickets, but had no cash. The scalper GAVE us the tickets, and told us where the ATM was, so that he could meet us at a fence to pay him. Sure, he had a dozen more, so he could have just sat next to us and asked us what was up. But that's not how it happens in Chicago, Detroit, New York, #Cincy or any stadium I've been to. Damn. We should have just taken the tickets and wandered the stadium for the game. Um, #GoDodgers, I guess.

I've got more to give if you've got more to read. Thank you, to my one follower.

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