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Well that's just fantastic. Looking back over my previous posts, I'm pretty sure there's a missing entry. I can't find it as a draft, saved, or anything. Expect a short post soon, where I just scan through my notes and mention whatever didn't make it onto an entry. Yes, I take notes while watching television. Probably more notes than I ever took in college.

But on to the good stuff.

Sgt. John #Munch of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit turned in his papers (retirement) last week. It was the very last scene of last week's episode, and I couldn't believe it. I said to myself, "How could Richard Belzer want to leave #L&O ? He's only been with the franchise for 27 years! Oh. 27 years. I guess that makes sense." Anyway the episode was extraordinarily plain, as a whole. After 14 seasons of #SVU, I really don't need to see a standard rapist/killer/kidnap episode. I've seen that 14x26 times. But the beginning was pretty cool, and the end was just classic. 

His retirement party is at a local cop bar, where all of his friends were gathered, including his old team from Baltimore PD. It was a planned roast, that came across very realistic. Realistic in that, none of the characters are comedians, just plain old cops. So while it was only marginally funny, it was very authentic.

The end was the best. Munch went back to the bullpen to collect the last of his things from his desk. While he was flipping through some old pictures, they cut away to a black and white scene of him sitting at his desk all the way back to his days in Homicide during the original L&O series. Very nostalgic. Interrupting his reverie, the phone rings he quickly answers the phone, "Homicide". He pauses for a second, apologizes and corrects himself, "SVU. Yes, hold on, and I'll grab you a detective." He stands up, shakes his head and walks out of the room. Fade to black. I really liked the exit, and I really like that they didn't kill his character off. As a side note Captain Cragen gave Benson paperwork so that she could take the Sergeants' exam. She won't be leaving the field, but she's always been his number two, and they might as well make it official. That's a lot of analysis for about three total minutes of screentime.


I feel like each episode is getting better than the previous. I think it might have something to do with no longer having to introduce the characters. You can see that the gang is getting used to each other's quirks, and the gags are a lot more believable. I wonder if Sky will ever be able to differentiate between a gun's safety and it's clip release.

A couple of observations on this episode. At the beginning 100 men in matching suits, wearing matching red masks, and briefcases, march into a square in Stockholm, Sweden. You know what the passerby's did? They pulled out cell phones to take pictures. Are you kidding me? It didn't occur to anyone that this could be a massive terrorist attack? You would have turned to me to suggest we leave, and then realized I was already halfway to Norway.

What the hell was done to #AgentCoulson to bring him back from the dead? Google it and you can get a myriad of opinions, at least 90% of them stupid. Cloning, magic, transferring his consciousness into a new body; the list goes on and on. I don't really care for any of the theories, but I have steadfast faith in #JossWhedon to do right by the franchise. But, it sounds really goofy to bring him back through the use of black magic.


Finally that prick, Pelant, is dead. Really, really dead. I love that Booth didn't even let him finish his threats. Just put a bullet in his chest. That's how Booth rolls, and finally we can start thinking about the wedding. But before that we get a pretty entertaining episode about making 'bucket lists'.

Mostly, the story was pretty formulaic. Someone gets killed, investigation leads to a suspect, plot twist, murderer found. But in between that, were some classic moments from some of our favorite characters.

Angela- Angela gives a list to visiting #squint Dr. Wells, most entreating him to stop being 'douchy'.

Bones- Realizing he has no friends, Dr. Wells asks Bones out for coffee or dinner. After explaining why he wants to Bones promptly says. "I decline your offer. I don't like you." Clueless Wells responds, "I don't like you either. What's that got to do with anything.

Hodgins- Plays with hawk vomit for nearly the entire episode. 

Sweets- I'll say this was the funniest exchanges of the ninth season. The Smithsonian Institute is testing out a new virtual profiling system called VAL. Sweets is not impressed. "I hate VAL. She's stupid. I hate her!"

Last thing about Bones. Bucket list or not, punching #ChuckLiddell in the face is just plain stupid. You do realize, that his brain could just automatically switch into #UFC mode, and you could be dead, right? I have something on my Bucket List. Before I die, I want to see #Daisy die or promise never to come back to the show. Can we please make that happen?


Brand new show on the #CW directly following #Arrow, on Wednesday nights. Pretty entertaining show, though not all that original. Following Arrow is a great spot to be as it's sure to get some 'hangers' every week. Hell, sometimes I watch a show because the remote is on the other side of the room. (How long until voice activated television controls?)

The story follows Stephen Jameson, a high school student who suffers from schizophrenia, sleepwalking, and a host of other mental ailments. His father had the same problems but left him, his mother, and his brother when Stephen was very young. One day he's approached by a girl who explains that he needs to quit taking his medication, because it's holding back his abilities. Not only is he one of the Tomorrow People, he's the #ChosenOne. More powerful than any other, destined to save this new race of people, and so forth. All of the Tomorrow People have the '3 T's'. Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Teleportation. But it's important that Stephen get with the rest of his people quickly because he's not safe. An organization called 'Ultra' is hunting all of the Tomorrow People and killing them as enemies of the human race. We later find that Stephen's uncle runs Ultra, and that Stephen's father is out there somewhere and can help save the rest of the Tomorrow People.

I know. Pretty unoriginal, but at least they can blame it on the fact that it's a 70's UK remake. (I am not at all interested in seeing the original. If you do, shoot me an email.) 

Here are just few examples of shows and movies that had a similar if not identical theme. #TheMatrix-Stephen is the chosen one. #The4400 #XMen and #Heroes - Enemies of the human race. #IronMan - The Tomorrow People have an artificial intelligence they stole named Tim. Remind you of #Jarvis? #StarWars- Doesn't this ragtag group of teenage Tomorrow People sound like a rebellion against the Empire?

There was an extremely silly line in the most recent episode. John, a pseudo leader of Tomorrow People, was trying to explain to Stephen why they couldn't help every kid with emerging powers. "Stephen, we're not superheroes." Really John? Really? What about this doesn't say superhero? I laughed out loud.

Next time we'll discuss #Scandal and #Arrow, both of which earned more than a full page of notes. Should be a fun read. Less fun to write. 

Finally, I leave you with a frightening thought I had last night. #VampireShows, especially with characters between the age of 16 and 30 are all the rage on television. Even major networks are trying their hands at the genre. So how much longer until we are introduced to #Twilight The Saga Continues. I cry for the future.

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  1. I haven't watched this one yet, but I am definitely interested in giving it a try at some point. It reminds me of other shows I watch so I might as well see how it stacks up!