Sunday, October 6, 2013

Winning Ugly?

My two favorite football teams having winning records. #Pfft 

The #ChicagoBears #Bears are 3-2 and God only knows how they have three wins. They've looked like crap the entire season. #JayCutler you can't just think that you can get your ass kicked for three and a half quarters and pull a miracle victory out of your butt! Honestly, it's not all Jay's fault, the Bears just aren't that good. Every win has been ugly. And finally, the schedule caught up with them. The #NewOrleansSaints #Saints made the Bears look like a #SummerCampGirfriend. She was so pretty when you first met her, but she was also the only girl you'd seen in what feels like forever. My apologies to any summer camp girlfriend. 

The Bears should be 1-4. They are a crappy football team. I will root for them forever. Stop messing with us, Bears. Be good, or be crappy. Don't be crappy and keep winning. It's a tease. And, it's not fair.

#MichiganWolverines #Wolverines #GoBlue Nice job, guys! You beat #NotreDame and a whole bunch of other crappy teams! For a team that is 5-0, my Wolverines have been really tough to watch. In fact, last week, coming out of church, I saw a girl wearing a "Keep Calm and Go Blue" t-shirt. I told her, "Go Blue! Yes. Keep Calm, I don't know about that." She smiled and said hell yea, but I could see in her eyes that she understood. Who cares if you beat the #MinnesotaGoldenGophers ? Roll over #PennState and Indiana, beat #MSU and you'll be in the top ten. I can't believe that #NorthwesternUniversity is an obstacle, but keep winning, and you'll be #1.

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