Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ziva's Farewell

The producers of #NCIS promised that #Zivas departure would not be disappointing, or a cop-out. I honestly hoped that they would kill her off. If you thought #Gibbs and the team went a little bit crazy when Kate Todd or Jenny Sheperd were killed, imagine what they would have done if Ziva were killed. I picture Tony kicking down the door of everyone remotely connected, and Gibbs a few blocks away with a high-powered sniper rifle. We got one of those, but it really wasn't the same thing.

I'm glad Ziva left NCIS of her own volition. Even without knowing Cote de Pablo was leaving the show, you could tell that it was something the character was already struggling with. For Pete's sake, she shot and killed her own brother, her father was killed, and her boyfriend, CIA-Ray was sort of a traitor. All of it directly related to her involvement with NCIS and #Mossad. That would make any person seriously consider a career change.

The really tough part about her exit, was that even after Ziva explained herself, I couldn't shake the feeling that she was still letting her team down. Of everyone on the team, I thought Gibbs would most understand. And it seems like he did. (It was still heart wrenching when he picked up the phone at the end to take her call). Tony, on the other hand, was never going to stop looking for her. It's about time they (sort of) professed their love for each other. If I had spent eight years, with a partner that looked like her, after all of those late nights, stakeouts, and loved ones getting killed, to say I would be "emotionally attached" would be the grossest of all understatements. I would have professed my love sometime during season four. I don't know how he walked away, and I don't know how Ziva let him. But that wasn't even the thing that nagged me the most. SHE DIDN'T SAY GOODBYE TO ABBY! Whenever a member of the team is upset, or hurting, Abby is the first one to offer support. If one of the team is in danger, or NCIS headquarters is directly threatened or attacked, Abby turns into a complete emotional hot-mess. Not knowing where Ziva was, or if she was ok, was probably killing her. She'll be alright when Gibbs and Tony fill her in, but I think she deserved a phone, at least. So did #McGee, for that matter.

My only complaint, isn't even much of a complaint. More shooting. I always want more shooting. But answer this question for me. It seemed to me as though Gibbs was aiming his rifle at Mendez's cell phone. If that was the case, how did he miss (Gibbs doesn't miss), kill Mendez, and manage to have the round end up in FBI Special Agent #Fornell ass? The missed shot can be explained. NCIS's new #SecNav Porter did sort of imply that a kill would be perfectly acceptable. Maybe we're looking at a JFK #MagicBullet scenario. Could it have been a young Gibbs that assassinated the President? #MarkHarmon / Gibbs would have had to pull the trigger, make the bullet bounce magically around, and frame #Oswald... as a 12 year old. But maybe I'm over thinking it.

I'm very happy with Ziva's farewell episode. She's still alive, so the door is still open for her to come back for once in a while, possibly for the series finale. We can also be excited to see who will be Ziva's replacement agent. Time to bring back a #JAG cast member? The 11th season seems a bit late to introduce new characters, but I guess we'll see. It was nice to see #MarinaSirtis reprise her role as the Director of Mossad.

Who knows what's coming next. All I do know, is that the rest of this season is going to be fun. I just hope no one else goes out and gets themselves killed.

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  1. I have to say this is probably the best blog you've had so far! Very well written, and a great breakdown of a HUGE episode! I agree with most of what you said. Including the part about her not saying "goodbye" to everyone with at least a phone call. The hardest part for me was her and Tony going their separate ways. It's not because I've a #Tiva fan, but it just felt like something was missing. Almost like it was too easy. I realize Tony uses jokes and sarcasm to deflect real emotion, but I just felt like something wasn't quite right with it. Anyway...the best part is that she's not dead, and available to reprise her role at a later date like a series finale. =)