Thursday, October 24, 2013

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First, I need to reiterate how difficult it's been for me to care about #MLBs 2013 playoffs. I love baseball. As early as I can remember, #baseball has been my favorite sport. Even when I lived in New York, and my #BuffaloBills perennially where in the Superbowl, and even when we moved to Chicago and had #MichaelJordan and the 90s #Bulls, baseball was the sport for me. My family moved to Chicago in 1988. Before that I was a Mets fan. I can't remember every single game I attended, but I do remember keeping track of the number of games I had attended. By seven years old, I had been to #YankeeStadium 13 times, and #SheaStadium only 3 times. When we got to Chicago, it made sense (at least to me) that I would stay a Mets fan, and start rooting for Chicago's American League team, the #WhiteSox. It also helped that the Cubs always stink. So, believe me when I say that I love baseball, and always look forward to the playoffs and #TheWorldSeries. On a side note, I've even been playing #fantasybaseball with the same group of friends for 15 years. But this year, I'm struggling.

I don't really care about the #StLouisCardinals. I don't hate them, I don't particularly like them, but I do like that Cubs' fans hate them. So I could tolerate watching them, possibly even rooting for them, in the World Series. But not the Red Sox. And even more than I dislike the Red Sox, I despise #RedSoxNation.

The first reason is #Fenway Park. Sure it's a storied, classic ballpark. One of the oldest, in fact. What you don't know is that it's kind of a dump. Much like another old park on the north side of Chicago, it isn't very clean, and it has a weird smell. If that was its only problem, I could deal. Fenway also is damn near impossible to get to. The expressways in #Boston are so poorly designed and screwed up, that you can be on the expressway, looking at the park less than a mile away, and it will still take you over an hour to get to the ticket gates. It's the poorest expressway design in the country. Also the #GreenMonster is stupid. I guess it looks kind of cool on tv, but when you're there, sitting in right field, you have absolutely no idea what is happening in center field or left field. The sight lines are absolutely a joke. I'd rather sit behind a beam at Wrigley.

The last reason is the real ass-kicker. #RedSoxNation is one of the most obnoxious group of organized sports fans in the history of professional sports. To illustrate this point, I offer a short story.

A few years back, a group of friends and I planned a road trip to follow the White Sox to Fenway and see them play the Red Sox. We stopped in Cleveland to see 'our' Sox play #TheIndians at #JacobsField, then raced up to Boston to round out our trip. We got to our seats, decked out in White Sox gear, just in time for batting practice. This part was actually pretty cool. Being 5 of probably only 30 White Sox fans in the whole park, 'our' Sox were able to identify our cheering, and identify with us. #JerryManuel, the coach, even signed a ball and tossed it up into our right field bleacher seats. That was the end of the coolness. Throughout the game we respectfully cheered for our guys, and tried to enjoy the game. It was tough to do so, though, when Red Sox Nation took offense to our very existence and presence in their precious Fenway. They taunted us, took their sweet time bringing beer to our section, and all around gave us a hard time. One of our group actually took a hot dog in the back of his head. I'd heard Yankee fans complain about it, but I didn't actually believe someone would spend 7 bucks on a hot dog or 9 on a beer, to throw at a rival fan. I guess the economy was in better shape then. Ignorant.

And so that is why watching the World Series at Fenway makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. I don't even root against them. I root for a meteor to strike, destroying everything, and killing everyone in a nice Fenway sized crater. Go #MeteorStrike

That's enough of the bitter Jason. Happy Jason has had a pretty good television week. Here's a quick rundown of the coolest moments.

#Bones - This week was the #BoothBonesWedding. It was a really fun, and dare I say "cute" episode. Of course, it wouldn't be an episode of Bones if everything went smoothly. Of course there's a murder to be solved. To keep Bones from getting carried away studying the bones, Cam calls in almost all of the #squinterns. This was the coolest part and the most annoying at the same time. Dr. Fisher is my favorite of all the #squints, Dr. Wells is an annoying prick, but still kind of funny, and Dr. Vaziri was the only squint officially invited to the wedding, though the other squints were quick to point out that he was really just Cam's +1. Could someone please explain to me why Daisy hasn't been killed yet? Another hurdle for them to get over is the fact that Booth lit a candle at the church for Temperance's mother and manages to burn the whole church down. Only Booth... The culmination of the episode was definitely the vows. Booth decided at the last minute to toss his vows out the window and just speak from the heart. Touching. When it's Bones' turn the bartender/minister asks her if she's going to speak from the heart. "No, I'm going to speak from my mouth." Classic Bones, in a classic episode.

#Arrow rocked my world. You need to check this mess out. The Arrow gets out of the precinct, surrounded by SWAT team members with the help of the black leather clad, blonde woman (The Black Canary).#RoyHarper aka #Speedy is now working intelligence for the Arrow. He gets abducted and released by #TheBlackCanary whom I now know is #SaraLance (thanks #IMDB) I guess she's not so dead. Her father, demoted to beat cop, #OfficerLance is helping the Arrow to find a killer. Lance also knows that Felicity is in regular contact with the Arrow. Officer Lance's daughter, and Sara's sister, is leading the charge to catch the vigilante. That is at least until the Arrow saves them both, again. It's like a soap opera, except for with more violence, and superheroes. The most mind blowing part of the episode is at the very end when you find out where Sara/Canary's been, and who's she's been with. #RasAlGhul !!! Nice #DC comics crossover! Apparently, she was with #TheLeagueOfShadows for the past 6 years. You may recognize those names from the newest #Batman franchise as the primary bad guys. I can't wait to see what they do next. But one thing started to annoy me. Officer Lance knows about Felicity. #Diggle was on the stakeout, so Lance presumably knows about him too. How long is going to take for him to connect the dots from The Arrow to Oliver, being that two high ranking Queen employees are close personal friends with the vigilante?

Last topic for the day is the upcoming #DrWho special, The Day of the Doctor, starring #DavidTennant #BilliePiper #MattSmith and #JennaLouiseColeman. Apparently, we earth-bound #Whovians, aren't the only people excited about this. Writers from other shows are slipping references in, as well. On #Castle Esposito makes a reference, that all but stops Castle in his tracks. "You watch Dr. Who?" On The Big Bang Theory #TBBT, Howard writes a goofy little song to commemorate his and Bernadette's first date. Like him without Bernie, Howard mentions several different things that don't make sense without their counterpart, for instance, "Like Dr. Who without the #TARDIS". #TheDayofTheDoctor airs worldwide on November 23rd both on television, and in select theatres 3D. Anyone in the Chicagoland area is welcome to see it with me. I'll be at either Century Cinemas in Evanston, or Cinemark at Seven Bridges in Woodridge. It will also be screened nationwide in most/many theatres on November 25th. Check #FathomEvents for listings and showtimes.!doctor-who-the-day-of-the-doctor/more-info/theater-locations

"The universe is big. It's vast and complicated and ridiculous.And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles." The Eleventh Doctor

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