Monday, October 14, 2013

Last Week, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead

Last weekend I went camping, and I didn't write a damn thing when I came home. Sorry. Part of it was that my body decided that I'm too old for bachelor parties. It takes me a lot longer to recuperate at 32 than it did at 22. Look out, those of you in your late 20s! The other reason is that this time of year has so many new shows, and premieres, that I can either sit down and write, or I can go to bed. Most nights, after 11:00 I want to relax, turn on #Netflix, and turn my brain off. No worries, I'll hit last week's highlights. I have so many journals it's no inconvenience to scratch down thoughts while I'm watching something. Firstly, and briefly, I'll hit #Football .

Not only did the #ChicagoBears win, but they also drove the ball down the field. Receivers caught passes, even in the end zone. They even beat the #NYGiants. Oh, wait. Everyone beats the Giants. #MichiganFootball lost in a ridiculous shootout to #PennState. So much for an #undefeated season, but to be honest they are now 5-1, they could just as easily be 2-4. They look like crapola. #FantasyFootball I have two teams. One of them is with my wife in a couples' league (4-1), the other is with friends (3-2). Both of those records are before tomorrow's games, and it doesn't matter. Both teams lost. Explain this to me, however. I usually set the rosters for both teams. How then, could I have set one roster perfectly, and the other so poorly that I had two guys starting on a bye week? #MattRyan over #BenRoesthlisberger ? Wow. Obviously, that team got annihilated.

My wife is a teacher, which means that if we watch something together we have to watch it between four and ten on a weekday, or whenever we don't have something we'd rather watch together on the weekend. That should explain why we watched six episodes of #BreakingBad over the long weekend. So where do I start talking about the end of Breaking Bad? It's a lot, so I'll just give you a statement of fact, my questions, and my favorite parts, with opinions tossed in where they matter.

Br - is the chemical symbol for Bromine. Ba - is the chemical symbol for Barium.

Why was Walter's gun so damn small and inaccessible? The first time I was forced to use a gun, I would have had one in an ankle holster at all times. Also, I wouldn't ever have had to check to see how many bullets were in my pistol. I would have been checking to see if I had a spare clip or two. For cryin' out loud, I play with toys that carry more fire power.

Why did Walter have to be such a dick ALL THE TIME? If he had ever told Jesse, Skylar, or even Hank what kind of messes he had created for himself it would have been a totally different show. "I was laying in the desert, face down, crying into my sun dried lips. I offered them 80 million dollars for Hank's life, and they shot him anyway." Sure, it may have accomplished nothing, but it surely couldn't have hurt. Or how about not telling Jesse that he watched Jane choke on her own overdose. What did that accomplish, again?

My last question is this. When is the next show, #BetterCallSaul going to take place? Precursor to all of BB, or sometime after? I hope it's after. It'll be fun to see how Saul becomes relevant to the criminal underground in Nebraska from wherever Ed (I love #RobertForster).

Favorite Parts-

Anyone think #AaronPaul could actually jump off his toilet bucket and climb his way out of the hole? #StephenAmnell maybe, but not Jesse. It was badass, though.

#RJMitte is an incredible actor. When he told his Walter to keep the money and pretty much fuck off, it was totally believable.

It was a great surprise when Marie slapped Skylar in the face. I always thought Skylar was a little stupid, anyway.

When Walter started rigging up the car with a rotating machine gun, you knew something very bad was going to happen. Then, when Walter tackled Jesse, and lit the little clubhouse up like the Fourth of July, I literally jumped out of my seat. As Walter was walking towards the lab and felt his wound, I really thought it was going to be a fake wound.

#BreakingBad was an amazing show. I don't recall ever tearing up, but I never really expected to. I just always wanted to know what was coming next. As for the finale, it was possibly the best finale I've ever seen from any show ever. Don't forget, Jesse could still pop in for #BetterCallSaul. Other networks should be afraid of #AMC.

Which brings me to the last topic of this outrageously long post. #TheWalkingDead

The Walking Dead- I only have a few things to say about this season premiere. It was a nice refresher from the last season, and nice to see how things progressed. Everyone hunkered down in the prison was very reminiscent of #Lost . "We can either live together, or die alone." I think a lot of them are going to die alone this season.

Rick should still be a little crazy, shouldn't he be? I'm surprised that when he saw the crazy looking zombie lady he didn't shoot her without a thought. It also made me wonder. How long before, on this planet full of zombies, animals start to turn? Zombie Pigs? Zombie fish? Zombie crows? The idea already sounds like a terrible b-flick, but I would still love to see a #ZombieGiraffe.

The coolest part of every episode is always #Michonne. Michonne apparently isn't busy enough out killing #Walkers, otherwise she wouldn't be out grabbing spare comic books for Carl. It's extra funny since, The Walking Dead is based on a comic book, and Michonne is most peoples' favorite character. Why doesn't she send out a memo or something about using swords? If you chop of their heads, you will never run out of ammo. I'd also like to see them have a blowtorch to clean up the fences very quickly, but I'm sure that won't happen.

Stay tuned next for me to talk about some shows I haven't gotten around to yet #Glee #TheTomorrowPeople, and some shows I haven't started yet during this 2013 premiere season #Homeland #Scandal.

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