Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Story Idea

Go ahead and steal my idea, if you must. But remember, I posted it on my personal blog. If you make it into a billion dollar movie starring Jason Bateman, this interweb thing will show I thought of it first, and I'll use it in court.

1. A young(ish) wannabe writer takes his dog for a walk in a major metropolitan area.
2. As a writer, he's broke and has only his journal stolen. He has great writing stored in said journal.
3. Instead of protecting him his dog hides and cries.
4. The mugger is also a starving artist.
5. The mugger sells the young(ish) wannabe writer's material as a book/movie and makes a ton of movie.
6. Young(ish) wannabe writer fights to get his material/royalties from back from starving artist/mugger.
7. Hijinks ensue.

Even as I write this, I realize it's totally cliché. It's probably derived from a movie I've seen that was so forgettable that I forgot it.

So, nevermind. Go ahead and steal it. Leave my name out of it.


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