Saturday, August 15, 2015

Puppy Training...


Rory is the second dog I've ever owned. In fact, she's only the second pet I've ever been personally responsible for. The first was my girl, Pepper Potts, who had to be put to sleep. Kate and I miss her. Isaiah won't remember her, which is depressing in a another way.

But Rory is totally different. We got her at around three months. I'm not exaggerating, she fit in the palm of my hand.

Rory is a baby. coming up on five months. Pepper was almost a year when we got her. Kate and I have had a hard time adjusting. But she's our dog now, or, as Kate calls her 'My' dog.

Side note; Her name is Rory because Kate loved Gilmore Girls, and I love Doctor Who. It's a good gender-neutral name. (I always try to slip some of my fandom into naming procedures, i.e., Pepper Potts, Jedi, and Rory).
Kate warned me that I have no idea what I was getting into, training a puppy. But, being the cocky shit that I am, I didn't listen. Training a puppy is hard. Like, super hard. So far, we've mastered (for the most part) peeing and pooping. Unless she's crazy excited, she waits for us to takep her out back. She also (for the most part) responds to her name. And when I tell her to 'Sit', she sits. I think she understands the command because she knows she'll get a treat if she complies.
The problem is, her puppy behavior. She chews on everything. In the last couple of weeks she chewed through a phone charger cord, the baby monitor cord, and my tablet's cord. She got too aggressive with some small children. She almost tackled a poodle-mix smaller than her. (I'm amazed there's a thing than smaller than her.)
It's partly because of Pepper, and partly because of Rosie, my brother's dog that got run over on my watch. I'm terrified letting Rory out to potty. On walks she wants to jump off the leash. Besides annoying me, I'm afraid she'll brake her back jumping on my lap. And what if she tries to chew the wrong power cord and gets electrocuted? I know I'm being ridiculous. Kate hates that I think of the worst case scenario and describe it in detail.
But, again, I haven't had many pets I love. I don't want to love Rory, and right after I was attached, lose her.
I got great advice from Jenny, an old friend, on puppy training. Thanks, my white sister. PAWS Chicago gave great advice and recommendations.
From now on the dog is going to know this is our house, not hers. She will socialize with other small dogs, so she can play, and remember how tiny she actually is. She will not chew on things in the house because we're going to douse everything important in bitter apple spray or tobacco. (The tobacco part was my flat-mate's suggestion. Thanks, Josh.)
Thanks, as always, for wasting 90 seconds of your life.

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