Monday, July 6, 2015

The 4th of July

"God Bless America!" "USA! USA! U-S-A!!!" "Shock and Awe" "America, FUCK YEA"

By birth, I am Black, Puerto Rican, and a New Yorker. Please don't hold my New York birth against me. I grew up as a Chicagoan. I am 1000% American. 4th of July celebrations are extremely annoying.

A couple of years ago, some punk kids across the street were shooting off fireworks. A roman candle damn near hit pregnant Katie as we decided to go inside. It missed us, but we decided after that to just avoid our street during the 4th. This year and last year weren't bad. Most of the fireworks were sent from other streets.

Also, in the noise, you can't always tell a gunshot from all the surrounding noise. Too many people, many of them children, get shot in major metropolitan areas. I don't understand violence as a means of celebration, but it happens.

So we decided to spare our toddler and puppy, and get the hell out of dodge.

My parents live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It's about 3 hours from us. I feel bad, because all I wanted to do was lay around and watch tv on my tablet. Thank you, to my parents and wife for putting up with me being a total sloth. Luckily, my mother was beyond eager to spend time with her grandson. She pretty much kicked us out of the house.
"You two should go to the movies or something. I'll take care of Isaiah. Go have fun."

I got Katie to go see 'Terminator Genisys' in the theatre. The rest of the visit we also watched 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier', with me exclusively in my pajamas. Thanks, again to Mom and Kate for letting your boys do what they want. Sorry I didn't care about the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra.

We made quick time home. We pretty much relaxed for an hour, and then headed straight to the suburbs, to hang out with my brother, his wife and the complete madness that they had invited over for a bbq.

Kids everywhere. Terribly filled water balloons being thrown around. My brother completely stoned on too many allergy meds. Some dude that wouldn't ever stop talking his nonsense. One of the most obnoxious kid ever, threatening us grown-ups. My dog sick and tired of attention from the children.

My son was out of gas. and so were me, my wife, and dog. We left as they got ready to leave for the fireworks.

(BTW, my 30-year-old little brother was smoking a pipe. Kate hated the smell, and Rory, our dog, kept trying to eat the bag of tobacco.)

We got home and 'pretty much' all went to bed.

Today we had a birthday party for a 3-year old girl that started at 10:30. I had crazy dreams for the third time in four nights. I had no desire to wake up. According to Kate, I was talking in my sleep. But she also thinks I may have been responding to her, talking in her sleep. In my sleep, I woke her up asking for a lemonade, or something. She remembers offering me drinks in a dream, so at least I might not be completely crazy.

The toddler birthday party was different from my brother's. My friend, though mentally exhausted, was far more organized. My head would explode if I were to have that many toddlers in one place, at one time. But he has more space. And, I assume more money, but I don't ask people about how much they spend or earn. It's rude.

We finally got home, with nothing else we HAD to do. But, today in Chicago was absolutely perfect weather. 80 degrees, with a perfect sky. We hadn't had a chance to bust out the new baby pool, so we did it today. He was very cute, but wasn't happy that the dog wouldn't bounce around with him in the water.

It was a great weekend, but we're all exhausted. I'll share more pictures later. Here's one in the meantime.

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