Friday, July 10, 2015

Top Ten Artists I Wish I had Seen Live

This is a follow up blog post to my last one about the worst movies of all time. As before, they are listed in no particular order. Some of them have explanations attached, some might not.

Led Zeppelin
Easily, one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Jimi Hendrix
The Star Spangled Banner. Woodstock. The end.

Bob Dylan
Possibly the greatest song writer of all time.

The eighth wonder of the world.

In my opinion, the best rapper alive.

Beastie Boys
Kate and I tried to sneak into Lollapalooza to see them because we couldn't find tickets. We also couldn't find a way in.

Tom Petty
I'd like to see Tom Petty, but probably not as much he'd like to meet Sam Smith.

Because he's Tupac.

Eric Clapton
Layla, acoustic. Layla, electric. Goodfellas. Enough said.

The Notorious B.I.G.
If it isn't Eminem, 2Pac, or Jay-Z, Biggie is the next best rapper ever.

The Foo Fighters get honorable mention. I was never a Nirvana fan. But Dave Grohl is a musical giant. I frequently piss off my wife because I tell her The Foo Fighters are more influential than Radiohead in music history. I might wrong, but I really enjoy antagonizing her. Sorry, Kate. I'm a dick.

Kate asked me if I was repeating blog topics. I wanted to give her a quick no, but I'd rather repeat a blog topic, than have to go back and re-read my own ramblings. So thank you. Email me if I already posted this list.


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