Monday, April 6, 2015

The Family That Lived in My Head

I'm afraid this post may make people that I should be institutionalized. But Kat Dennings on The Tonight Show reminded me of a childhood memory that I can't not share.

I was born in Queens, NY. One of my oldest and most vivid memories was being sent to bed earlier than I wanted to. I'll never forget laying in bed, pissed off, listening to my parents watch M*A*S*H. To this day I can't watch the show because the theme song still makes me angry.

One night I was sent to bed. My mom was still up cleaning the kitchen. As I was fighting against falling asleep, I heard her washing dishes. This seems like a typical toddler complaint. But, I was never typical. I liked to cover my ears as tightly as possible, so that I could listen to my heart beat as I fell asleep. Well on this occasion, I wasn't covering my ears as tightly as I could.

Almost asleep, I was covering my ears, listening to my heart beat, and my Mom washing the dishes leaked through. In my mostly asleep state, I somehow convinced myself that there was a normal family of very tiny people that lived in my head. I really thought there was a Mom, Dad, and kids that only I could hear, and only right after I went to bed.

I know it's crazy. And needless to say, I don't still believe that. But there are still nights when I'm half asleep (or drinking), when I cover my ears as tightly as I can, and listen to my heart beat, or whatever the people that live in my head might be doing.

Please, don't have me committed. It's just a story from a person obsessed with stories. A person who is not a danger to his wife, son, or dog. Seriously, I'm harmless.

As always, thank for reading. See you later.


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  1. Jason, I thought I told you to stop listening to the voices in your head? 😄