Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Wanna Be Bad

I think I might be making up for not having posted a blog entry for a few weeks. Or maybe it's because I've neglected my keyboard and guitar for a while. But I think this should catch me up, and keep me honest.

I wrote another song today, I'm sorry you don't get to actually hear it. I like this one even better than the last one I wrote and posted. I know my wife doesn't care for it, (probably because of the subject content). That's ok, because I know she's happy when I'm writing, playing music, or anything besides drinking PBRs and watching Star Trek and Stargate.

I tried to attach a picture of my keyboard and guitar on top of my son's Curious George, Pooh Bear, and Tigger, but I haven't quite figured out my new laptop. It might have been easier if I didn't have to hide my guitar, keyboard, phone, and laptop from my toddler. Regardless, here are the lyrics.

It's a blues riff, you can play it in any key. It's called,

"I Wanna Be Bad"

I wanna be bad, (baby)
  because I'm just so damn good at it.
I wanna be bad,
  Cuz I know deep down that you like it.
So I'm gonna be bad,
  I'm probably rotten to the core.

So, I'm gonna be bad. (Insert bluesy guitar solo)

I wanna bad, baby
  Cuz I'd rather drink and smoke some weed.
I gotta be bad, girl.
  It's the only way I can see.
So I'm gonna be bad,
  and everyone else can kneel at my feet.

So I'm gonna be bad. (Insert another bluesy guitar solo.

At this point, I'd probably have more to say/blog about. But I just almost lost this entire post, and I'd rather not tempt fate.

So thank you for reading. I will now take 6 weeks off.


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