Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 10 #FantasyFootball and #ChicagoSports

A crazy thing is happening with my two fantasy football teams this year. I share one team with my wife in a couples' league and manage another on my own. Somehow, inexplicably, both teams are competitive. The last 2 weeks have been rough with #byeweeks and losing #AaronRodgers, but we're still sporting winning records. And though I play fantasy baseball and football every year, my teams are never good. Below are both of my #winning rosters.

The Fury - Record (5-4), 7th place - This is the team I manage myself, named for The Chicago Fury minor league hockey team. Incidentally Chicago also has a women's roller derby team, and an ABA basketball team that share the name. This league has two flex positions where you can start your choice WR, RB, or TE. I don't like having two flex positions. Even more than I don't like two flex spots, I have to start one defensive player who's only countable statistics are solo tackles and touchdowns. Which means every week I need to scour the free agent pool to start some player I most likely have never heard of.

QB- Ben Roethlisberger
WR- A.J Green
WR- Denarius Moore
RB- DeAngelo Williams
RB- Lamar Miller
TE- Jimmy Graham
Flex- Eddie Royal (WR)
Flex- Cecil Shorts III (WR)
K- Robbie Gould
DEF - St. Louis
Defensive End - Calais Campbell
BN- Matt Ryan (QB)
BN - Kembrell Thompkins (WR) Bye 
BN - Jared Cook (TE)
BN- Michael Floyd (WR)
BN - Brandon Pettigrew (TE)

El Cunado - Record (6-3), 1st place - This is the team I share with my wife, who possibly knows more about football than I do. I picked a good woman. Our original team name this year was "Cutler Milk" named for the episode of #TheLeague where Jenny and Kevin's son, Chalupa Batman drinks #KristinCavallari breast milk. We decided we wanted to mix it up and briefly considered #ChalupaBatman. Jenny and Kevin's kid has this ridiculous name because Kevin traded away his son's #NamingRights at the end of season 3. In the end we settled on #ElCunado, Ruxin's deranged sociopath, brother-in-law. Yea, we like The League. This team is good.

QB - Ben Roethlisberger
WR - DeSean Jackson
WR - Andre Johnson
RB- DeMarco Murray
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew
TE - Julius Thomas
Flex - Eddie Royal (WR)
K - Robbie Gould
DEF - San Francisco
BN - Jacquizz Rodgers (RB)
BN - Jared Cook (TE)
BN - Emmanuel Sanders (WR)
BN - Aaron Rodgers (QB)
BN - Roy Helu Jr. (RB)
BN - Dwayne Brown (WR) Bye 

And that, my friends, is how I have not one, but two fantasy football teams with winning records. At least for one more week. And in all honesty, fantasy football is just a way for me to watch games besides #DaBears and still care what's going on.

#ChicagoSports can be so frustrating both as a fan, and as a fan who wants to frequently write about them.

#DaBears #ChicagoBears are an enigma. The Bears started the season as who we thought they were. Then they weren't who we thought they were. Then they were again, who we thought they were. #JayCutler is hurt again, but at least #JoshMcCown has looked pretty good. During week nine only one analyst picked #TheBears to win. Who do you think it was? #DaCoach #Ditka! But the Bears played well enough to win, #DevinHester found the end zone again. Let's hope they can pull out another win against the #DetroitLions. I love beating #Detroit teams. Detroit is a terrible city.

#ChicagoBulls #DaBulls are off to a rocky start, but it's still early. #DerrickRose as back an already has a game winning floater under his belt, and always has the ability to take over a game. If he's back to true #MVP #DRose form we may have a pretty good year.

#ChicagoBlackhawks are off to a good start (10-2-4), and are definitely the most fun to watch, and talk about. I plan to wear out my #JonathanToews jersey this winter and hopefully we keep the #StanleyCup here in Chicago for the 3 time in 5 years. #SideNote - There's a strap that hangs off the back of hockey jerseys that the players clip to there hockey pants. That strap is extremely annoying when you're trying to pop a squat in the bathroom.

#ChicagoBaseball - What to say about the #ChicagoCubs or #ChicagoWhiteSox? They both had terrible seasons, and I fully expect them to repeat their dismal performances. So far this offseason the brightest piece of news for the #Cubs is signing Rick Renteria to manage for the next 3 seasons. Good news, I guess, for the Cubs. Bad news for Renteria, who should know that the Cubs are where managers go to die. Slightly more interesting news on the #SouthSide. The #GoGoSox snagged Cuban defector #JoseAbreu. He's a slugger, he's young, and the last couple of Cubans to join #MLB have turned out pretty good. The downside of the news is the contract. If you're going to gamble on a foreign player, I'd recommend you not do it on a 6-year, $68 million dollar deal. But what do I know? My fantasy baseball teams are losers.

So that's what's happening in sports. #BearDown and we'll talk Bears and #Thor on Sunday.

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