Monday, November 4, 2013

The Walking Dead and the Greatest Detective ever

#TheWalkingDead I love The Walking Dead. But I'm having major problems with this third season. S4 has almost become unwatchable because all of the characters are so unlikable. Rick is bat-shit crazy. Carl is bat-shit crazy. Carol is bat-shit crazy.Maggie and Glenn are bat-shit crazy. The only likable characters are Michonne and Daryl.

Far more important, is a question that occurred to me watching this most current episode. How does it end? I googled it, with no results. I can only foresee two possible ending. A cure is found and everyone lives #HappilyEverAfter. Or #EveryoneDies. Everyone dies is far more likely.At this point I say kill everyone except for #LaurenCohan.

I made the mistake of asking my friend who the greatest detective was, of all time. I said #SherlockHolmes, and he immediately countered with #Batman. It's a super tough argument, either way. I never thought of Sherlock as a fighter but #Elementary proved me wrong. "I fight without mercy. It's a lesson you may want to learn, unless we are going to limit ourselves to cases involving small children or large house cats." I heart #JonnyLeeMiller.

I have a hard time thinking of Batman as a detective.You may not know, but #DC stands for #DetectiveComics. #BruceWayne is definitely the smartest of all heroes, but I always think of him as an ass-kicker more than an investigator. He proves it to me when he solves crimes as Bruce Wayne as he did many times in the comics. You can borrow one if you need source material.

I stand by my opinion that #Sherlock is the best detective of all time, fictional or real. Batman and #Superman are my favorite heroes, but I'd much rather Sherlock Holmes investigated my untimely demise.

Thanks, Steve.

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