Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Best Relationships on TV - TV's NYPD - Sweeps

Pretty consistently, I can say that my favorite episodes from any show, any year, are during #PremiereSeason and #FinaleSeason. Maybe this is a special year, or maybe I don't always remember mid-season episodes, but 2013s #Sweeps #NielsonRatings have been kicking my ass. The possible return of 3XK on #Castle, #CriminalMinds visiting Chicago, Olivia's 'One Question' on #Scandal, and the last to #SVU episodes are just examples of how my mind has been blown this year. I hope you've been watching, because there are too many different shows and episodes to recap. Instead, I'll give you my two favorite of the season (so far).

#Hawaii5O - They teased us at the beginning of the season, telling us that #ChiMcBride would be joining the cast. He was there, and then he was gone. Finally, last week, he showed up again as the angry Hawaii PD's Captain Lou Grover. According to #CBS he'll be sticking around this time. Of course it had to happen just before all the shows go on break for the holidays, but I'll take it. His character is a lot like Dann-O but a little tougher, with even more disdain for how Steve does things. "You have a very angry dispotion [Steve], do you know that?" Remember a couple of things when you watch this ep. The first three minutes are possibly the best three minutes of sweeps this year, #5O on horses is kind of silly, Kona was conspicuously absent most of the ep, and that's definitely #ImagineDragons on the soundtrack. Very cool.

#PersonOfInterest - I'll do my best to avoid #spoilers, but I promise nothing. Too much happened in this, the best episode of the show. It was that could. I think I may have said this about other television characters, but it's especially true of Detective Carter. That woman is a damn bloodhound. We've seen it in the last couple of episodes. When she locks in on a scent, she doesn't quit. And when she gets her teeth around that bone, she is not letting go. She's a monster. Another monster, is Detective Fusco. Previously we saw him look HR right in the face and pretty much tell them, "I'm not afraid of you anymore, blow it out your ass." He doesn't slow down this week either. The bad guys break his hand, and so what does Fusco do? He breaks his own thumb. Holy cow. How about another cold-hearted monster? Shaw. Shaw has to make a tough decision to save one of two people, both in need of saving. I think she made the right decision, and she made it quickly, and decisively. #SarahShahi is one gorgeous killer. The last beast of the show will show what a badass he is next week. I can't wait to see angry Reece.

Problems with the NYPD - I noticed this week on SVU how screwed up the department's officers, detectives, and even the captain is. Then, it occurred to me that a couple of other shows have some 'questionable' practices taking place in the NYPD. How screwed up are you allowed to be before you're thrown off the force? SVU first, because it's got the biggest problems.

SVU - Almost everyone one them have serious character flaws, or major personal problems. Are these issues ignored? None of them are able to maintain a relationship.Do the issues exist because of the heinous job they have to do, or in spite of it? 

Captain Cragen is the boss. He's a recovering alcoholic, sober for something like 20 years. He is also divorced.
Sergeant Benson is now the first in command. She's been raped twice, killed her abuser in cold blood, had a father that abused her mother, and frequently sees or is told to go see the precinct shrink.
Detective Stabler was Benson's previous partner. He was divorced, with five children, and as a result was always good dealing with victims and families' of child abuse. A side effect of his sympathy was a difficulty with controlling his rage towards perpetrators, and having difficulty separating his feeling towards his family from his assigned cases. He had to take a leave of absence because of this, and never came back.
Sergeant Munch was the oldest member of the SVU team. He was a conspiracy theorist, and has been married and divorced three times. He maintains close relationships with each ex-wife.
Detective Rollins is one of the newest members of the teams. She is a compulsive gambler, and frequently attends Gamblers Anonymous meetings. Most recently, she was dating her sponsor. She and her sponsor were manipulated by murder suspect, who killed her stalkee, after accusing him of murder. Rollins has a younger sister whom is mentally ill, has a long rap sheet, and a penchant for dating criminals. Rollins shot and killer her sister's scumbag boyfriend when she walked in on an attempted rape. It was recommended she see the precinct shrink, but instead we last see her at a blackjack table. 
Detecives Amaro and 'Fin' Tutuola are the least troubled. It should be noted that Amaro is on bad terms with his ex-wife and occasionally must neglect his job to care for his child. Fin transferred to Special Victims from Vice Squad and has spent a lot of time undercover.

Person of Interest- The majority of the first two season has been battling corrupt NYPD police officers involved with an organized crime syndicate referred to as HR. Detective Fusco was previously a member, and Detective Carter's romantic interest was killed by HR. I don't know what HR stands for but I wish I didn't think of 'Human Resources'.

#Castle - This is more of an amusement than a complaint, because I love the show. It seems inexcusable how much trouble Castle is able to get himself into without getting pushed out the door. I realize he's friends with the mayor, maybe that's a poor reflection on the mayor. Even though it's cool, Castle should not have a vest, and Beckett should have a real partner besides a well celebrated crime novelist. 

There are other examples, of course. I just chose the ones from shows I like the best. Please feel free to comment and critique my opinions, or suggest other shows that have worse examples of a city's corruption or irresponsibility. #ChicagoFire, I'm looking in your direction.

Lastly is a list of the Best Relationships on TV. You know I love lists. I made a list of ten, in no particular order, and I'm sure I forget a bunch. Which on my list is your favorite? Chime in. Which relationships suck and shouldn't be on the list? Chime in. Which relationships did I forget to mention that should be on my list? Chime in. Thanks as always for reading. I'll be getting ready to watch, and watching #TheDayofTheDoctor and #CatchingFire this weekend, but I'm always looking for your input. #Sayonara fanboys and fangirls.

The Doctor & Clara - #DoctorWho
Bones & Booth - #Bones
Morgan & Garcia - #CriminalMinds
Castle & Beckett - #Castle
Sheldon & Leonard - #TheBigBangTheory
Sherlock & Watson - #Sherlock
The Doctor & The Tardis - #DoctorWho
Burke & Caffrey - #WhiteCollar
Steve & Dann-O - #Hawaii5O
Olivia & Huck - #Scandal


  1. I love, love, love SVU! I've watched it for then entire time it has been on. I was a CRJU major in college and graduated with a degree in it. Spent a lot of time around officers, federal agents and state agents. Did an internship with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They are all a little screwed up. Granted, not as much as the characters on the show. But most SVU detectives only last in that section for an average of 5 years, because of the heinousness of the crimes that are committed. Those characters have been there (well most of them) for way longer than that. I would probably be a little effed up too. Plus, in general, a lot of police officers are either divorced or can't maintain good relationships. The job comes at major costs. I think you should have put Sheldon and Amy on that list...I love their relationship! LOL. Also, The Doctor and the TARDIS, love it! The episode where the TARDIS goes into that woman is one of the best!

  2. So, I'm pretty sure HR does stand for Human Resourses on #POI
    You know #Caskett is my favorite couple on that list! Hands down! Another great blog my friend!! =)