Friday, November 8, 2013

#AmericanHorrorStory and other #TV

You may have noticed that I have been posting less entries than usual about all of my favorite television shows, and the shows I watch (they're not always the same thing). There are several reasons for this.

1. Most shows slow down after the premiere weeks. Some of it is because producers have to make the premieres so exciting. Some of it is because MLB's playoffs and the #NFL is in full swing, and the #NHL and #NBA are just starting. #Bones #Castle #NCIS #Hawaii5O #PersonOfInterest #SVU are all good examples. (Interesting that those are all cop shows.) And #Glee got preempted by the #WorldSeries a few times.

2. Another reason I've tried to write about other topics is it gets boring and repetitive to always be talking about the same crap over and over again. #Bears win. Bears lose. #Arrow and #Elementary were awesome this week! Have you watched the newest #WalkingDead and #Homeland yet? Blah blah repetitive blah. I've got to mix it up sometimes, or you'll quit reading, and I'll quit writing.

3. There are also some shows that started later, or haven't yet premiered. #WhiteCollar started later than premiere season, #MikeAndMolly are on their second episode and we haven't even gotten #Nikita #DW #DoctorWho or #Community back yet. #IsItNov23rdYet

4. Comedies are kind of boring to take notes and then write about. They're great but they're also only 22 minutes long. So far the best comedies of the year are #Brooklyn99 #LastManStanding #HowIMetYourMother #TheCrazyOnes and #TheBigBangTheory #TBBT. Hard to say anything about them if at any point to you had to pee, eat, or smoke. You probably missed a nice percentage of the actual show if you took a break.

5. My last reason for taking a break is my favorite, and anyone reading this has some explaining to do. I only know of two people that regularly read this blog. The first is my wife, who has no choice. If she wants dinner when she gets home, that's her penance. The second is my single follower, one of my best friends, who watches almost as much television as I do, and will do whatever I say (within reason) just because I ask her to. So if you read this, comment. Like it. Shoot me an email, Facebook critique, or snarky tweet. I'll appreciate it, and I'll always respond. And thanks.

Good reasons, aren't they? I think so, and if you disagree, you're probably just wrong. But back to #TV, and here are my brief thoughts on the newest season of #AmericanHorrorStoryCoven.

I honestly wasn't that excited about the new season. I thought #AmericanHorrorStoryAsylum was dragging a little bit at the end of the second season. I was really afraid #Coven would follow the same suit, but I have to admit, #RyanMurphy and #BradFalchuk caught me by surprise. The new story arc grabbed me by the second episode, and episodes four and five are definitely my favorite so far.

Even more than I enjoy the new arc, witches, and the wonders, I love the cast and the characters they play.

#JessicaLange, as usual, is one bad bitch. No way Fiona isn't "The Supreme". And she'll stay that way until someone kills her, hopefully Zoe, #TaissaFarmiga. #FrancesConroy as Myrtle and #SarahPaulson as Cordelia are super fun to watch as innocent, ignorant victims but I can't believe that's going to last. When the revenge hits, it's going to be violent, gruesome, and awesome.

But the best part of the cast is definitely the new members. This is not #KathyBates first rodeo is a creepy old lady. It's perfect casting, and definitely kicking it up a notch to make her a racist witch. When she looks freaked out, I get more freaked out. When she gets angry, I just about want to turn the show off and watch some #Disney.

#AngelaBassett is brilliant in everything she's been in, and a super-hot black woman. That makes her even scarier as a N'awlins Voodoo queen. In this instance, I find her scarier than Bates. Angela has an advantage, thought,  as we previously got to see #Bates in #HarrysLaw and #TheOffice. Definitely less scary than #Misery.

My absolute favorite person in the new season is #GaboureySidibe as #Queenie. She plays the perfect blend of bad-ass witch, unknowing little girl, and strong-black-woman-who-will-cut-you-if-you-say-the-wrong-thing. At random points in season three, she puts people in their place, thanks them for protecting her, and just hangs out as the sarcastic comic relief. One the few notes I took about this season reads, "Not only is Precious a main character now, she's AWESOME!" I was really worried Fiona was going to kill her at the end of episode five. Now I'm just worried that her character is going to become weak as the season progresses. Don't let them do it to Queenie, Gabourey! Stay alive, kick ass, and stick around to the next season!

Thanks, again for reading my nonsense. Next up are my thoughts on the legalization of same-sex marriage in IL, Thor, and whatever my #Bears do on Sunday. #AlphaMikeFoxtrot

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