Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Interview - Part II

Ok, fine. I didn't totally hate it. In fact, I kind of liked it. I can now see why Kim Jong-un may have not cared for it. It was probably the part where he died at the end. Or the part where Seth Rogen and the bad guys were biting off each others' fingers. That was a little absurd. We #tvjunkies call it 'Jumping the Shark'.

But I got through it. It took a few tries, but I did it.

This movie, however, made me want to make some more lists. This time, I'm writing 3 of them.
The Five Best Lines in 'The Interview'
My Least Favorite Actors (Actresses)
Five Movies I Like James Franco was in

Starting at the bottom, in no particular order.

Five Movies That I Like James Franco was in
Sorry, I couldn't come up with five titles I liked him in. I dislike him that much.
1. Spiderman (the first one, only)
2. This is the End
3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
4. Oz the Great and Powerful

I'm not saying any of those are good movies, but it's the four I like.

The five Best Lines in 'The Interview'
Again, this was not a great movie, but not a terrible one. Lizzy Caplan and Seth Rogen stole every scene they were in.

1. "We don't have a better plan. You're gonna have to stick it in your ass." -Caplan
2. "It's all yours, fuckers!" (Seth Rogen with his penis flapping in the wind) -Rogen
3. "Do not fight the tiger. You will lose. Do not run for it, you will die." -Caplan
4. "If liking Katy Perry and drinking margaritas is gay, then who wants to be straight?" -Franco
5. "I will cap you!" -Rogen (Funny because Seth is so 'gangsta')

Lastly, is my five least favorite actors/actresses, with two honorable (least honorable) mentions. I was going to put the movie I hate most in parenthesis next to their name, but I hate them all so much, I couldn't choose. Also, I hate them so much, I needed honorable mentions. These are in no particular order, as well.

My Least Actors/Actresses
1. James Franco - (What a douchebag.)
2. Tom Cruise - (What a douchebag.)
3. Ashton Kutcher - (Such an enormous douchebag, I couldn't bring myself to program his name into Microsoft.)
4. Russel Brand - (Pretentious douchebag.)
5. Nicole Kidman - (Lady douchebag, previously married to douchebag mentioned above.)

Honorable Mentions
Angelina Jolie - (Way too creepy with her brother when I'd first heard of her.)
Nicolas Cage - (Made some of the worst movies ever. EVER.)

So, there you have it. If my opinion matters to you at all, (and it doesn't have to), James Franco sucks, 'The Interview' isn't that bad, and avoid movies starring aforementioned actor/actresses at all costs.

Later, taters.



  1. Nick Cage???? How dare you sir! -- (white glove slapping a face sound) --

  2. But I see your point with the others. Funny stuff!

  3. When you said you were going to read it, I knew you were going to say something about Cage!

  4. I'd have to add Pineapple Express to the Franco list