Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Women of NCIS - Superlatives

Ok, before I hand out my superlatives, I think I should explain what they are. I stole this particular award from @JimmyFallon and #TheTonightShow. Superlative is an adjective that means, basically, to the highest degree. It's like a yearbook's "Most likely to..." Jimmy hands them out every week on The Tonight Show, as a joke, based on a photo, mostly of athletes and whichever picture they have representing them in their profiles. NCIS is my favorite show, of the 50-something. So, try and enjoy my NCIS chat.

I'm going to make these very much about me, and I doubt I'll do the superlatives jokes justice. But so what? You don't have to read it, and I'm not getting paid anyway.

My idea for superlatives, is the women currently on #NCIS programs. I chose it because all of them are badasses, and I think they're all hot. (Except for Hetty, she and I are a little out of our age ranges. Maybe.")

Keep in mind, this is only current NCIS actresses. (Because Ziva will always be the best.)

Abby Sciuto/ Pauley Perette - Most likely to kick my ass while I enjoy it.
I had a conversation with my old roommate when I started watching NCIS about whether Pauley was hot or not. I won.

Emily Wickersham/ Ellie Bishop - Most likely to have me curse out CBS when she leaves, or the show gets cancelled.
Smart like McGee, smart like Tony, smart like Gibbs, but not as brilliant as any of them. She's the next Jennifer Shepard (Director).

Meredith Brody/ Zoe McClellan - Most Likely to receive multiple marriage proposals from me.
JAG, NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, Sliders, Star Trek: Voyager, Nowhere Man... I have probably already proposed a few times.

C.C.H Pounder/ Dr. Loretta Wade - Most likely to call "bullshit" anytime I opened my mouth. She'd be one thousand percent correct. And I'd shut my mouth, like, quick.

Linda Hunt/ Hetty - Most likely to tell me not to where a cape, and then tear it off, and put me in a black site, CIA, hole when I refused.
Yes, that's an NCIS:LA and Incredibles crossover. I love crossovers.

Kensi Blye/ Daniela Ruah - Most likely to give me a smart-ass comment, punch in the nuts, gun in your face, or all three.
Like, Deeks, I'd be afraid. But I'd love her forever.

Renee Felice Smith - Most likely to marry me because we have the same last name and traits.
Smart, gorgeous, can handle a gun, and a Smith. God says yes.

NCIS is my favorite television franchise, and it's earned it. If you disagree with my opinions, email me. I'd love to discuss it In the meantime, I'll just assume I'm right.

Thanks for reading. I have a long night of my idiot neighbor waking up my kid, and my dog, so I have to get to it. Seeya later.


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