Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day

I have a bunch of notes in my journals about my next couple of blogs. TV shows that I watch, dreams I've had lately, and some of the ridiculous conversations I've had with friends or family. But, it's Mother's Day, and I'd rather run off a few stories/experiences about the best Moms I have ever known. If you'd rather read about tv or movies, go ahead and read an old blog post.

My Abuela (That's Spanish for Grandma), is old, and I don't think she quite knows what's going on anymore. When I was little, her couch was always covered in plastic, and I hated being there. When we stayed over our (me, my sister, and brother) asses stuck to the couch. When she stayed with us, I remember her walking around the house saying, "Que frio, que frio, que frio." [How cold!] I also remember, around eight years old, how cool it was that Abuela and Abuelo (Grandpa) married each other when their names where so similar. I thought that was their actual names.

My Papi and Nana live and in Texas, and we're going to visit this summer so they can see their great-grand-son.

I played varsity tennis in high school, and it's probably because of my Nana. I was around ten years old, and we lived close to a park. We had rackets around and she wanted to go play with her grandson. My arrogant ass had no idea how badly she would beat me. She killed me, but it made me want to play more. I can beat her now, but she's almost 90, so that says nothing about my skills.

I am an extremely lucky person to have 3 living grandparents. I'm even luckier to have such awesome grandparents. My grandparents are better than yours.

My mother-in-law is an amazing person. Don't tell my father-in-law, but she runs our family, and keeps us all sane. I think we'd all kill each other if nature ruled. Don't get me wrong, Kate's father is a great man, too, but he's more of an enforcer type of personality. Shortly after we married, I asked Carole, "Do you mind if I call you Mom?" She responded with, "None of my kids' spouses call me 'Mom', and I would love if you did." That's a paraphrase, but it was perfect. It made me immediately feel part of the family.

What can I say about my mother. I have so many stories, I'd have to write a book to get them all in. In seventh grade I was pretty sure I was a grown-ass-man. My Dad was out of town, so I figured I was the MAN. I had a late library book that was acquiring fines. My mother told me to return it right after I had showered, and done my homework. My smart-ass didn't agree.

At one point, every boy/child reaches a point in their life when spankings or smacked mouths don't have any effect. "You can't push me around anymore, I'm grown." I wasn't about to back down, since Dad was out of town. The next day I showed up for basketball practice to find out I was benched. "You were defiant to your mother, and now you can't play." Having to explain to your classmates why you're sitting on the bench in a suit was far more humiliating, and educating than any slap in the face would have accomplished. Thanks, Mom. I get it now, as a parent.

I'm struggling with how to describe the best Mom/mother. Her baby knows that she is the problem solver. Her family knows that the house would come crashing down like the worst earthquake without her. Even as I write this, her son is whining in his sleep, and she is probably tossing and turning in bed. Had I a crown, she'd get it. My wife, Katie Ruth Smith, is the best Mother I have ever known.

It's funny, because she feels bad about going to work. She feels like she misses all of the good stuff like, first steps, first words, blah blah blah. But all of the best of Isaiah comes from her. He's smart, like his Mama. He's fierce, like his Mama. He's loving like his Mama.

When Mom comes home everything changes. Toddler and dog run to the door as though I hadn't been sitting with them all day. Feeding schedules are out the window. EVERYTHING changes, because "The Momma" is home.

As a stay-at-home-dad I still rely on Mom. What did he do this morning at 5am? Do I need to take him for more walks? Is that too much greasy food? What books did you read him to bed? What creams should I put on his shitty butt? He feels warm to me, should I call 911?

She worries, but she doesn't need to. Katherine is the best mother I have ever known. I can only stay at home with our kid, because I know that she'll come home. Without Kat, I'd have to teach him guitar so we could play Eric Clapton duets on the red line to make change (though to be honest, we'd be GOOD).

My wife is the best mother I've ever known. Isaiah and I are lucky to have her.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers I didn't mention, but especially to the ones I mentioned. Especially Kate. I love you.


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