Sunday, September 28, 2014

Premiere Week Part III - Bones, Person Of Interest, Chicago Fire, Selfie, Utopia

Before I get into reviewing the shows I have the most thoughts and feels about from this week, I have a few interesting factoids to share.

1. My wife is already so sick of television, because of me, that she doesn't even want to watch the shows she likes.

2. I usually check my journal before writing a blog post about television. That was totally useless. All of my thoughts ended up on twitter, @JasonJoelSmith FYI. Going back through my Twitter posts was also useless. If you follow me you understand. Most of my tweets are minutiae.

3. Out of the 49 shows I plan to watch, or give a try, most of them were not memorable.

Usually, I hate every reality show that doesn't involve cooking, singing, or at least some kind of talent. (America's Got Talent is garbage. It's not even proper grammar for a show title. It should be America Has Talent.) But, I'm a little bit addicted to Utopia. Every person in Utopia so some dumb, I can't wait for winter. I think they might all die of exposure. Except for Red. He's fine by himself.

Apparently, the premiere was this week. Thanks, Hulu, for letting me watch the pilot on some sort of sneak preview. I feel, (feel statements), like I should automatically like anything with John Cho and Karen Gillan. For crying out loud, it's a show about Sulu vs. Amy Pond. It's kind of funny, but a little bit heavy handed with the My Fair Lady homage. Karen plays Eliza Dooley. Audrey Hepburn played Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Karen is hot, but she'll never be Hepburn hot. I expect cancellation around episode 7.

Chicago Fire
6 weeks? Really? I've never gotten over a an ex girlfriend in 6 weeks. I'm with Severide. If I'm coming back to 51, all of Chicago better be on fire. I can't believe they killed off Shay. I actually tweeted, "If Shay is really dead, I'm going to freak out."
 We knew someone was going to die, after last season's finale. My only prayer was that it wouldn't be Shay, Severide, or Casey. @DickWolf, you're an asshole.

Person of Interest
POI is my favorite premiere this week. Reese and Shaw are now detectives, a fabulous homage to Carter. Harold Finch has no interest in helping anyone. Fusco is confused. Elias is sort of a good guy. #spoilers I won't go into plot details, but this could replace NCIS as my favorite show.

If POI was my favorite premiere, Bones was a damned close second. Bones had the best finale from last year of every show. In case you didn't watch it, three special forces soldiers came to the Booth/Brennan household. Booth killed them all, and then got sent to jail for killing federal agents sent to serve a warrant. (Yea, ok. So how come their whole house was destroyed?) The entire episode was about unveiling the conspirators, and then, #spoilers Sweets got killed for getting too close. My feelings can best be explained by a quotation from my wife. "I never want to watch the show again. The other characters are all stupid."

I won't quit any show after only an ep. But the death of Shay and Sweets make me want to kick the lead writers of Chicago Fire and Bones in the nuts.

Thankfully, it's the beginning of the premiere season. Episode two of every show might be better. In the meantime, thanks for reading.

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  1. I enjoyed Selfie to an extent. It's one of those shows that you really want to root for, but in the end you know it will probably be shorted lived.