Monday, September 22, 2014

Premiere Week Part II

Kate asked me if I stopped at "H" because I didn't have a show that started with "I", "J" or "K".  Truth be told, 26 divided by 3 is 8 with 2 remaining. I was planning on breaking up my shows by letter, into three parts, but there aren't that many shows after "H". So here's the rest of the best.

J - Justified
I just started watching it on Amazon Prime. I knew in the first five minutes that it was my kind of show. Sarcasm, guns, and cowboy hats; yes please.

L - Last Man Standing
Best show on Friday night. Tim Allen is still hilarious.

M - Madam Secretary
Tea Leoni is brilliant, and still hot. But really, the show isn't all that good.

N - NCIS: New Orleans
The discussion is over. Everything Scott Bakula does is amazing.

P - Person of Interest
Possibly the best show on television. I miss Tariji Henson.

S - Scandal
Not happy. Harrison Wright deserved better.

T - The Tonight Show
The best thing Rahm Emanuel has done was to trick Jimmy Fallon into bringing it to Chicago.

U - Utopia
I hate most reality shows. I think every person on the show would die,  if left to their own skills.

W- The Walking Dead
I miss zombies. Ready for this show to come back.

I couldn't mention every show for every letter. I did my best. If anyone can think of a show for X, Y or Z, I'll take you out for a beer. Thanks for reading, talk to you later.

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