Monday, March 31, 2014

How I Met Your Mother - Series Finale

How I Met Your Mother


I'm thinking that perhaps they should have gone with a different title. How I Met Your Mother and Then She Died is more appropriate.

It was a fun finale. #NeilPatrickHarris is always a scene stealer, but never more so than during this final episode.Barney Stinson in the present is always ridiculous entertainment. Barney in the near future, and then the farther future was absolutely priceless. If I were to meet Neil on the street one day, I'd ask him if I could buy him a beer. Then I'd remember how much money he has, and ask him to buy ME a beer.

#CobieSmulders was also brilliant. Robin, as a character, was always a little bit all over the place. True to the storyline, she stayed crazy all the way into 2020. As an actress, I don't know how she was able to maintain her character. As a fictional character, I don't know how Robin could be so crazy for so long.

And now for my review of the episode.


Finally, Ted met the mother, and then they flashed forward to her on her death bed. Really? 9 seasons of the yellow umbrella, so she can be dying in the future. And then, it's revealed that the entire story was being told to his kids because he wanted their permission to ask out 'Aunt Robin'. Of course, they gave permission. Thanks, #LyndsyFonseca for that. What if the kids said no? Would there then have been no show? "I don't think that's appropriate, Ted/Dad. Maybe you shouldn't try to date someone we call 'Aunt'. That might be a bit weird."

But of course the kids say yes. Ted takes the blue horn to Robin and she's thrilled. Barney decides to be Barney. Lilly and Marshall live happily ever after with their three kids. Everything you hoped would happen, happened.

Now, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it. I just don't like 'predictable'. I don't like everything to happen exactly the way you thought it would when you first started watching. Especially when that was almost a decade ago. I'm sorry I sound like a complainer. I know I'm being a little bit bitchy. But seriously, 9 seasons and she's killed off? Ok, I'll stop now.

As always, thanks for reading. Seeya in the funny papers.


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