Saturday, March 29, 2014

Free Day!

Damn! I was so close to getting regular readers. And then I forgot to write. Actually, I didn't forget. I just couldn't think of anything interesting to write about. Not that nothing interesting happened, just that I didn't think it was interesting for anyone else to read about. I still don't feel like I have anything interesting to write about. But at the very least, I can write something boring, and it can revitalize my creative process. Maybe my next post will be interesting. Today I'll just describe how awesome it was to have Kate at home, and have nothing to really think about all day.

It felt like for the first time in months, I was able to sleep past ten. As a new dad, and a stay-at-home-dad, my internal clock starts waiting for crying around 7am. The last few weeks I could have slept in later, but my clock went off, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Last night I spent an hour mentally preparing to ignore Isaiah's cries, and let Kate handle him. It worked.

Another thing we haven't done in a while is hang out all together, when we had nothing ahead of us in the day to plan. Pepper Potts (our dog) had a walk. Isaiah was fed and changed. Kate and I just got to hang out and enjoy our family for a few hours. I had barely remembered what that was like.

Around 2:30pm everyone had naptime. The boy slept, the dog slept, and the parents actually got to lay down together at the same time. Kate and I haven't gone to bed at the same time in forever. She goes to bed around 9 when Isaiah does, I go to bed around midnight after I move him from the crib to our room. Just in case you're being nosy, I said nothing about our sex life. You're a creep for being interested.

For dinner we went to the less popular Mexican restaurant in our hood. We choose the better of the two, #PerezPilsen. For the first time we took our baby out for dinner. My burrito was awesome. That crazy mess of Mexican food that Kate ordered looked really good too. I plan to eat both tomorrow. Isaiah slept the entire time.

Honestly, the best part of the day was Kate and I, thanking each other. We keep trying to make time for each other. We got to do that today. (And then we both admit that we like our little boy more than we like each other).

It's a crazy thing when you can say to your spouse, or your spouse can say to you, "I care way about our kid, than I care about you." It's totally honest, and mind blowing.

I hope my next post is more coherent. Thank for reading.


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  1. Just make your blog just like Seinfeld and have it be about absolutely nothing. Good luck with that