Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Real Outdoor Man

I have a challenge for the people that read this blog. All 3 of you. Write something sweet and heartfelt about the new love of your life, and follow it up writing about your random #BS and thoughts. It's damn near impossible. #NewBaby is everything. But I'm certainly gonna try anyway.

My neighbor, let's call him Lewis, is about 65-70 years old. I hadn't seen in for a few weeks, but I just assumed he was out scrapping. Literally, scrapping. His family grabs old appliances, refurbishes them, and then sell them for a lot more morons, like I, think they are worth. They do pretty well.

Apparently, when I hadn't seen him, it was because he had a stroke about 5 months ago. Understandably, he wasn't out back, working as much. His kids, whom I assume are in their thirties, were out cleaning, shoveling, and working on appliances. But the last couple of weeks, Lewis has been out there kicking ass and taking names.

I mean this as no slight to his kids. Anyone who knows Lewis would be out there doing the work for him. I'm not that great a person, or neighbor, but I'd do it myself if I could. But Lewis doesn't want that. He'd rather do it himself, correctly. I asked him why his kids weren't out there, taking a load off of his back. This is a direct quote. "Everyone else does a shit job."

I have so much respect for that. Even when acknowledging that I'm a lazy prick. That's a man, right there. #LastManStanding is a great show, and #TimAllen is brilliant. On the show he becomes a viral celebrity for his online video rants about being a man, an #OutdoorMan. It's great for his business, but that's not why he does it. He rants because a large population of male humans out there, have become sissies. Sissies that don't care of their spouses, don't care for their kids, don't care about anything but which Starbucks is closest so they can grab a latte.

I get it. And personally, I find Lewis to be inspiring. I'm not just saying that so he'll shake my hand and thank me. (He's too old to be reading #blogs anyway.) I'm saying it because it's right. I should have gotten my ass moving earlier today and shoveled the walkways. I should build something. I should walk the damn dog more often. Thanks, Lewis for reminding me.

Now, having said that, I'm gonna go make myself a latte. (I'm too cheap to buy one.)

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  1. That's great! You just mentioned one Tim Allen show and described another! =)