Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#Arrow and The Hero's Dilemma

This may very well be my last post before the baby comes. I'm not sorry, because I'm more excited about being a father than I ever have been about writing. With that in mind, I'm also sorry I haven't written more about #Scandal as #ShondaRhimes has been blowing my mind over the last few weeks. We will see if I can watch the mid season finale, tomorrow, and NOT write about it.

First off, #Arrow. Last week was really good, this week's episode almost melted my face. I've been dying for Arrow to introduce more #DC heroes. I like how the producers have flirted with the idea of #BlackCanary while still not revealing whether it'll end up being Sara or Laurel Lance. A good friend of mine says it'll be Laurel, but I guess we'll just have to see. Same thing with #Speedy and #TheRedArrow. I like #RoyHarper as the Red Arrow, and I like Thea Queen as Speedy. I hadn't caught it before, but #OliverQueen referred to Thea as 'Speedy'. In the comics they are overlapping characters. I'm not sure if the producers have figured out how they are going to resolve that for the show's purposes. And finally, a real superhero, #TheFlash.

I was afraid they'd do something goofy to bring him in. So far, Arrow has tried to stay away from super powered heroes and villains. A very good idea, in my opinion. Especially after #Smallville, which was just freak-of-the-week during the early seasons. Instead, we got an origin story for the Flash. They hinted that he had some powers, but the explosion in the lab was true to comic book lore, and a great way to introduce the character. I see a spinoff series, in the future. But, how the hell can The Flash, who's superpower is speed, be late to everything? It makes no sense. Barry Allen's attraction to #FelicitySmoak is cute, fine. But I'm biased. If #EmilyBettRickards is going to have an on screen romance, I want it to be with Ollie. Or me. Actually, forget Ollie. Just me.

Slade Wilson's evolution into #Deathstroke has been an awesome story arc for this, the second season of Arrow. We already knew he was a badass. Now he's a badass with a grudge, and an eye patch. Only #SamJackson looks better with a patch #NickFury. And he's black, so I give him a leg up if the two were ever to meet.

My last thing about Arrow, is something I've been bitching about since the first episode. His disguise and alter ego are complete rubbish. How stupid could these people be? Detective Lance #PeterBlackthorne, Isabel Rochev #SummerGlau, Thea Queen #WillaHolland, and Roy Harper #ColtonHaynes all know that Oliver's personal assistant and his driver are familiar with #TheVigilante. Oliver is also about the same size, weight, and body mass as the Arrow. Put the pieces together, morons. Arrow doesn't even wear a mask. Until today. The Flash pointed how lazy the face paint was as a disguise, and even left him the new mask as a present. It was about damn time. "Even The Arrow deserves a Christmas present!!!" Thanks, #StephenAmell. I took that quote straight off of your #twitter.

#TheHerosDilemma is something that has been driving me nuts for as long as I've read comic books, or watched movies about superheros, which is my whole life. Whenever a villain wants to put a hero in a difficult situation they resort to the same old trick. "You must choose who I am going to kill, or I'll kill both." The Joker made Batman choose between Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes, and now Oliver was made to choose between #Shado and Sara Lance. Ultimately, it's all bullshit. Maybe it's all of the cop shows I watch. You are not responsible for what the #badguy does, the blame goes on him #SurvivorGuilt. Or maybe it's the #JimKirk in me that doesn't believe in no-win scenarios #StarTrek. Either way, I think the good guy should always just tell the bad guy to piss off. "I'm not choosing someone to die. You do it, criminal". I don't know if that's what they'd teach me at the police academy, or Starfleet Academy. But if our heroes started doing that, it would definitely take a playing card away from the enemy.

Hopefully, my next post will be about how cool it was watching my son be born. Lord knows, my wife is ready to get that kid out of her belly, and I'm ready too. If that's the case, I'll see you all next week. If not, I'll probably bitch on Saturday about how my son doesn't want to meet me. Either way...

"I don't believe in no-win scenarios." -James Tiberius Kirk


  1. Great post! I loved the tie back to #StarTrek =) I'm enjoying this new emphasis that the networks are putting on fall finales! So far so good, and I only imagine it will get better tonight.

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  3. The hero's dilemma provides really good drama, especially for a serial. If the good guy says, "You pick," and the bad guys kills both, the good guy looks like an asshole.

  4. I agree w/ Ollie's disguise....that always drove me nuts too